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Greetings From Sandy Beach
Bob Graham
Picture Book
Ages 4 and up
Kane/Miller, 1992, 0-916291-40-5
Going on a vacation to the seaside can be very stressful, even if you are only going away for two days. There is the dog and family members that need to be left at home, a boring trip to survive, and one never knows what one is going to find when one gets there. The narrator of this story and her family find a small group of bikers at the campsite, who call themselves "The Disciples of Death." Needless to say Mum and Dad are not too keen on these people but our narrator, a little girl, thinks they look terrific. Next to arrive is a bus full of kids and it isn't long before the restful atmosphere on the beach is restful no longer. Still, everyone seems to be having fun and best off all, everyone is getting to know everyone else. It turns out that the bikers are very good at putting up tents, and Dad isn't. They are also doing a great job of burying Mum in the sand, playing with the kids, and singing songs in the evening.
  One has to smile at this funny and touching picture book. It would appear that even dads can learn that people are not always as they seem (even bikers have a soft spot for babies) and a trip to the seaside can bring out the best in people when they are having fun. Bob Graham's "Greetings from Sandy Beach" is refreshing and a joy to read.

Greetings from Sandy Beach


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