George Washington

John, Paul, Greorge & Ben

John, George, Paul & Ben
Lane Smith
Non-Fiction and Fiction Picture Book
Ages 5 and up
Hyperion, 2006, 078684893-6 

George Washington's Teeth

George Washington's Teeth
Deborah Chandra and Madeleine Comora
Illustrated by Brock Cole
Picture Book/ Non-fiction
Ages 4 to 7
Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 0-374-32534-0

George Washington, Spymaster

George Washington, Spymaster
Thomas B. Allen
Featuring Illustrations by Cheryl Harness
Ages 12 and up
National Geographic, 2004, 0-7922-5126-1

George vs. George

George vs. George: The America Revolution as seen from Both sides
Rosalyn Schanzer
Picture Book, Non-fiction
Ages 8 to 12
National Geographic, 2004, 0-7922-7349-4

Take the Lead George Washington

Take the Lead, George Washington
Judith St. George
Illustrated by Daniel Powers
Picture Book, Non-Fiction
Ages 8 to 12
Penguin Putnam, 2005, 0-399-23887-5

George Did it

George Did it
Suzanne Tripp Jurmain
Illustrations by Larry Day
Non-Fiction Picture Book
Ages 7 to 10
Penguin, 2006, 0-525-47560-5

George Washington

George Washington
Cheryl Harness
Non Fiction Picture Book
Ages 8 to 11
National Geographic, 2000, 0-7922-7096-7

George Washington A Picture Book Biography

George Washington: A Picture Book Biography

James Cross Giblin

Illustrated by Michael Dooling

Non-Fiction Picture Book

Ages 6 to 8

Scholastic, 1992, 0-590-48101-0


Farmer George plants a nation

Farmer George Plants a Nation

Peggy Thomas

Paintings by Layne Johnson

Non-Fiction Picture Book

Ages 8 to 10

Boyds Mills Press, 2008, 978-1-59078-460-0



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