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Firefly Mountain

Patricia Thomas

Illustrated by Peter Sylvada

Picture Book

Ages 5 to 8

Peachtree Press, 2007, 978-1-56145-360-3

  Another hot summer afternoon is shimmering over the clover fields. A young girl is sitting in the shade when Mama brings out a jug of lemonade for everyone to sip. Mama suggests that perhaps that evening they will “see firefly mountain.” The girl does not know what firefly mountain is but it sounds wonderful and she can’t wait for night to fall.

  Evening finally gently descends on the farm. Summer is eaten and the girl and her brother eagerly wait for it to be firefly mountain time. The waiting is hard but at the same time it is sweet as they watch the “swallows dance” in the sky. Then, at last, the girl sees fireflies flashing their yellow lights in the grass and bushes. Now the time has come to go to firefly mountain.

  With a spare yet strongly evocative text, and atmospheric oil paintings rendered in earthy colors, this picture book beautifully captures the essence of a summer day and a very special night. The prose is lyrical and full of the images of summer, images that will have readers experiencing and sensing the places described in the story.


Firefly Mountain


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