The American Revolutionary War

Dangerous Crossing

Dangerous Crossing: The Revolutionary Journey of John Quincy Adams
Stephen Krensky
Illustrated by Greg Harlin
Non-fiction Picture Book
Ages 6 to 8
Penguin, 2005, 0-525-46966-4

Love thy neighbour Diary

Love Thy Neighbor: The Tory Diary of Prudence Emerson
Ann Turner
Historical Fiction (Series)
Ages 12 and up
Scholastic, 2003, 0-439-15308-5

The Boston Tea Party

The Boston Tea Party
Matt Doeden
Illustrated by Charles Barnett III and Dave Hoover
Non-Fiction Picture Book (Series)
Ages 8 to 10
Capstone Press, 2005, 0-7368-3846-5

Young Patriots

Young Patriots: Inspiring Stories of the American Revolution
Marcella Fisher Anderson and Elizabeth Weiss Vollstadt
Ages 8 to 12
Boyds Mill Press, 2004, 1-59078-241-0

Fight for Freedom

Fight for Freedom: The American Revolutionary War
Benson Bobrick
Ages 10 and up
Atheneum, 2004, 0-689-86442-1

Eyewitness American Revolution

Eyewitness: American Revolution
Stuart Murray
Non-Fiction (Series)
Ages 10 and up
DK, 2002, 0-7894-7939-7

Finishing Becca

Finishing Becca: A story about Peggy Shippen and Benedict Arnold
Ann Rinaldi
Historical Fiction
Ages 12 and up
Harcourt, 1994, 0-15-205079-5

Let it begin Here

Let it Begin Here: Lexington and Concord, First Battles of the American Revolution
Dennis Brindell Fradin
Illustrations by Larry Day
Non-Fiction Picture Book
Ages 6 to 8
Walker,2005, 0-8027-8945-5 

The Scarlet Stockings Spy

The Scarlet Stockings Spy
Trinka Hakes Noble
Illustrated by Robert Papp
Hisotrical Fiction Picture Book (Series)
Ages 6 to 8
Sleeping Bear Press, 2004, 1585362301

Independence Now

Independence Now: The American Revolution 1763-1783
Daniel Rosen
Non-Fiction (Series)
Ages 10 and up
National Geographic, 2004, 0-7922-6766-4

Causes of the American Revolution

Causes of the American Revolution
Richard M. Strum
Ages 8 to 12
OTTN Publishing, 2005, 1-59556-007-7 

Heroes of the Revolution

Heroes of the Revolution
David A. Adler
Illustrated by Donald A. Smith
Non-Fiction picture book
Ages 6 to 9
Holiday House, 2003, 0-8234-2017-5

Valley Forge

Valley Forge
Richard Ammon
Illustrated by Bill Farnsworth
Non-Fiction Picture book
Ages 9 to 12
Holiday House, 2004, 0-8234-2016-7 

The Real Revolution

The Real Revolution: The Global Story of American Independence
Marc Aronson
Ages 14 and up
Clarion, 2005, 0-618-18179-2 

The Signers

The Signers: The 56 Stories behind the Declaration of Independence
Dennis Brindell Fradin
Illustrations by Michael McCurdy
Ages 14 and up
Walker, 2002, 0-8027-8849-1

The Declaration of Independence

American Documents: The Declaration of Independence
Judith Lloyd Yero
Non-Fiction (Series)
Ages 8 to 10
National Geographic, 2004, 0-7922-5397-3

Hero of the High Seas

Hero of the High Seas: John Paul Jones and the American Revolution
Michael L. Cooper
Foreword by Senator John McCain
Ages 10 to 12
National Geographic, 2006, 0-7922-5547-X

Everybody's Revolution

Everybody’s Revolution: A new look at the people who won America’s freedom
Thomas Fleming
Ages 8 to 12
Scholastic, 2006, 0-439-63404-0

The Eve of Revolution

The Eve of Revolution: The Colonial adventures of Benjamin Wilcox
Barbara Burt
Fiction and Non-fiction (Series)
Ages 8 to 12
National Geographic, 2003, 0-7922-5211-X

Nathan Hale Revolutionary Spy

Nathan Hale: Revolutionary Spy
Nathan Olson
Cynthia Martin and Brent Schoonover
Non Fiction (Series)
Ages 8 to 12
Capstone Press, 2006, 0-7368-4968-8

Secret in the tower

Time Spies: Secret in the Tower
Candice Ransom
Illustrated by Greg Call
Fiction (Series)
Ages 7 to 9
Mirrorstone, 2006, 0-7869-4027-1

Samuel Adams Patriot and Statesman

Samuel Adams: Patriot and Statesman

Matt Doeden

Illustrated by Todd Smith, Keith Wilson, Dave Hoover, and Charles Barnett III

Non-Fiction (Series)

Ages 7 to 10

Capstone Press, 2007, 0-7368-6500-4


Phillis Wheatley Young Revolutionary Poet

Phillis Wheatley: Young Revolutionary Poet

Kathryn Kilby Borland and Helen Ross Speicher

Illustrated by Cathy Morrison

Non- Fiction (Series)

Ages 8 to 12

Patria Press, 2005, 1-882859-47-2


Haym Solomon American Patriot

Haym Salomon: American Patriot

Susan Goldman Rubin

Illustrated by David Slonim

Picture Book

Ages 5 to 8

Abrams, 2007, 0-8109-1087-X


The Founders

The Founders: The 39 Stories Behind the U.S. Constitution

Dennis Brindell Fradin

Illustrations by Michael McCurdy


Ages 12 and up

Walker, 2005, 0-8027-8972-2


Independent Dames

Independent Dames

Laurie Halse Anderson

Illustrated by Matt Faulkner

Non-Fiction Picture Book

Ages 6 to 10

Simon and Schuster, 2008, 0-689-85808-6


Molly Pitcher

Molly Pitcher: Young American Patriot

Jason Glaser

Illustrated by Todd Smith, Bill Anderson, and Charles Barnett III

Non-Fiction (Series)

Ages 7 to 9

Capstone Press, 2006, 0-7368-5486-X


In 1776

In 1776

Jean Marzollo

Illustrated by Steve Bjorkman

Non Fiction picture book

Ages 7 to 9

Scholastic, 1994, 0-545-11073-4




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