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Faucet Fish
Fay Robinson
Illustrated by Wayne Anderson
Picture Book
Ages 3 to 7
Penguin, 2005, 0-525-47166-9
  Elizabeth loves fish and she dearly wishes that she could have more than just one little guppy in a fishbowl but her parents, who never listen to what she has to say, think that one guppy is quite enough. Then, one day when Elizabeth turns on the faucet in her bathroom, a trout pops out. Elizabeth tries to show her mother but her mother is far too busy to notice. The next day a flounder comes out of her faucet. Again Elizabeth tries to discuss this strange occurrence with one of her parents but they cannot seem to make the time to listen to their daughter.
  Indeed Elizabeth soon has fish filled bowls, tanks, other containers all over the house and yet her parents don’t seem to notice at all no matter what Elizabeth says and does. It is only when a baby beluga whale comes out of the faucet that Elizabeth’s parents finally realize that something most peculiar is going on in their home.
  This delightfully unique picture book is not only highly entertaining and full of surprises, but it also serves as a cautionary tale: never ignore a child for it may be trying to tell you something very important indeed.
  Beautiful artwork fills the pages with color, water, bubbles, splashes and so much more, transporting the reader into a watery and very fishy world.


Faucet Fish


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