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Farmer Duck1

Farmer Duck
Martin Waddell
Illustrated by Helen Oxenbury
Board Book

Ages 2 to 4
Candlewick Press, 1991, 0-7636-2137-6
  There once was a duck who had a very hard life indeed. He lived with and worked very hard for an exceedingly lazy farmer. It was the duck who did all the work about the farm including fetching the cow from the field, caring for the sheep and the chickens, collecting the eggs, and digging up the weeds. At last the poor duck was quite worn out and the duck’s friends - the cow, sheep and chickens - decided that enough was enough. Something had to be done about the lazy farmer; something had to be done to help their over-worked friend the duck.
  So the animals held a conference and plan was agreed upon. Just before dawn, the cow, sheep and chickens set about giving the farmer a lesson he would never forget.
  Little children will delight in all the animals noises that loudly appear on the pages of this funny and highly satisfying little book. They will find the outcome to be ‘just right’ as the farm animals finally get rid of their useless master. Helen Oxenbury gives each of the animals a wonderful personality and readers will be greatly moved as they watch poor Duck getting more and more worn out, and more and more sad looking.


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