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Holly Hobbie

Picture Book

Ages 5 to 7

Little Brown, 2008, 0-316-16687-1

  More than anything Fanny wants one of the new glamour Connie dolls. She asked for it for her last birthday, and for Christmas, and now she is going to ask for it for her birthday again. Unfortunately Fanny’s mother does not like the Connie dolls. She thinks that they are “just too…much” and she has no intention of getting one for Fanny.

  Being the kind of girl who does not give up on her dreams Fanny decides to make her own Connie doll. Using a pink pajama top which she cuts into pieces, cotton for stuffing, yarn, and markers, Fanny creates a wonderful doll. The doll does not however appear to be a Connie. Fanny decides that she is an Annabelle and she is very proud of her new doll – as she should be.

  Sadly Fanny’s two best friends do not think much of Annabelle, and Fanny ends up putting her home made doll away. Annabelle just does not fit in with the two Connie dolls that Fanny’s friends have.

  Any child who has had the “but so and so has one of those toys and I want one too” conversation will be able to identify with Fanny and her situation. What is wonderful about Fanny is that she finds a way to get what she wants – in her own way. Better still she stands up for herself, refusing to be cowed into thinking that her creation is less worthy than the “store-bought” toys.

  In a world where children believe that “more is better” and “new is better,” this is a refreshing change. Parents will be delighted to introduce Fanny to their children because she, at least, makes up her own mind about things. Fanny does not let her friends influence what she does. 

  With a simple yet engaging text and wonderfully warm and expressive art work Holly Hobbie has once again brought a splendid book character into being. As she did so successfully in her Toot and Puddle books, Holly Hobbie addresses an issue that is important both for children and for the grownups in their lives.




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