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Emily’s Balloon
Komako Sakai
Picture Book
Ages 1 to 3
Chronicle Books, 2006, 0-8118-5219-9
  One day, while Emily is out with her mother, a shop keeper gives Emily a lovely big yellow balloon. The shop keeper ties the balloon to Emily’s finger so that it won’t blow away and when they get home Emily’s mother ties the balloon to a spoon. The spoon stops the balloon from getting out of Emily’s reach but the little girl’s treasure can still float and bob about.
  What follows are a wonderful few hours during which Emily plays all kinds of wonderful games with her new best friend. Emily even makes her balloon a pretty wreath of flowers to wear. Then, alas, a gust of wind blows the balloon into a tree and Emily’s mother cannot reach it. Poor Emily feel quite heartbroken.
  This deliciously simple and yet delightfully compelling little picture book perfectly captures the wonder that a small child feels for a balloon. Anyone who has watched a child play for hours with an empty box or a piece of wood will instantly recognize the love that Emily has for her balloon and any child who has been given a balloon will understand how awful it is to lose such a treasure. Minimal text and beautifully evocative illustrations make this a truly special book.

Emily's Balloon


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