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Eloise Throws a Party!

Lisa McClatchy

Illustrated by Tammie Lyon

Fiction (Series)

Ages 4 to 6

Simon and Schuster, 2008, 1-4169-6172-0

  Today is a special day for Eloise, the little girl who lives in the Plaza Hotel in New York City. Weenie, Eloise’s pug dog, is celebrating his birthday and Eloise is determined to make this a wonderful birthday for her beloved pet. With Nannie’s help Eloise sets about the business of arranging a surprise birthday party.

  Eloise takes Weenie for a walk and the two dear friends have a grand time. Eloise even picks some flowers for her dog. The best is yet to come though, and it is clear that Eloise can hardly wait.

  This beginner reader book gives young children the opportunity to read a title that has an engaging story, and that will help them to develop their reading skills. Readers who have met Eloise before will enjoy this adventure, while children who have not met the precocious little girl before are sure find Eloise and her doings very entertaining. 


Eloise Throws a Party


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