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Eloise Takes a Trip

Sonali Fry

Illustrated by Carolyn Bracken

Novelty Book (Series)

Ages 5 to 7

Simon and Schuster, 2007, 1-4169-3343-3

  Eloise is feeling bored and she has decided that she must “do something fabulous.”

Perhaps going on a trip will get her out of the dumps. Where should she go though? Perhaps she should go back to Paris. There she can visit the Louvre, do “beaucoup de shopping,” and rest from her efforts in a street side café.

  Or, she could go back to Moscow. Eloise and Nanny could go to see a ballet at the Bolshoi. Or they could go to visit the Kremlin, though Eloise is not too keen on the long line that you have to wait in to get in.

 There again Eloise and Nanny could stay in America and go to Hollywood instead. Eloise was a huge hit the last time she was there. Who knows, she might get to star “in a once-in-a-lifetime role.”

  Then Eloise realizes something really important. Maybe she doesn’t have to go very far at all if she wants to “visit museums and shop and eat in cafes and see a ballet and rub noses with the most famous of people.”

  This story is not only a joy to read, but young readers will also be able to participate in Eloise’s adventures by putting the sixty-five reusable stickers - which are included with the book - on the pages. There are stickers for every page and they can be moved from place to place over and over again.

  This is an excellent title for beginner readers, and with its little handle and its stickers, it is the perfect thing to take along in the car, in a plane, or to the doctor’s office.



Eloise Takes a Trip


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