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Eloise Skates

Eloise Skates

Lisa McClatchy

Illustrated by Tammie Lyon

Fiction (Series)

Ages 4 to 6

Simon and Schuster, 2008, 1-4169-6406-1

It is wintertime and Eloise is convinced that everything is “boring.” There is nothing to do. Then Nanny comes into Eloise’s room and she announces that she has a surprise for the little girl. They are going to go to the ice rink! Eloise is delighted because she just loves to skate. In no time Eloise, and her little dog Weenie, are warmly dressed wearing coats, hats, gloves, and leg warmers.

  Down at the rink Eloise admires the colored flags and the light festooned trees; everything looks so pretty. Then Eloise gets onto the ice wearing her little pink skates – and suddenly the calm atmosphere at the rink is shattered. Eloise is on the loose and anything could happen!

  Fans of the Eloise books will not be disappointed when they read this funny early reader title. Once again Eloise manages to turn a perfectly ordinary excursion into an adventure. With an easy-to-read text, and illustrations that are delightfully true to the ones created for the original Eloise books, this is a title that young readers will greatly enjoy.



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