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Eloise in Hollywood
David Stem and David N. Weiss
Illustrated by Ted Enik based on the art of Hilary Knight
Picture Book (Series)
Ages 5 and up
Simon and Schuster, 2006, 0-689-84289-9
  Eloise is thrilled thrilled thrilled because her mother has made friends with a Hollywood Movie Mogul and she wants Eloise and Nanny (and Weenie and Skipperdee of course) to join her in Los Angeles for a few weeks. After a crazy dash-about to get everything ready the Eloise party set off for Hollywood traveling my train. Her fellow passengers are somewhat rattled by the experience but Eloise has a wonderful time.
  This splendid state of affairs continues once they arrive at their destination. The Eloise group stays at the very pink Hollywood Hills Hotel and soon Eloise is seeing the sites and partaking of the movie star lifestyle. Indeed Eloise even gets a part in the Movie Mogul’s movie and in very short order she is driving the movie people to distraction with her antics, her suggestions, and her innovative ideas regarding film making.
  Eloise fans of all ages will love this new Eloise adventure which was created in the spirit and style which we have come to expect of Kay Thompson and Hilary Knight’s delightful books. Once again Eloise leaves chaos in her wake and as always she seems oblivious of the impact that she is having on those around her. Readers can have a wonderful time sharing her adventures, gazing at the Hollywood scenes, and wondering if Hollywood will ever recover from Eloise’s visit.

Eloise in Hollywood


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