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Eloise Decorates for Christmas

Lisa McClatchy

Illustrated by Tammie Lyon

Fiction (Series)

Ages 4 to 6

Simon and Schuster, 2007, 1-4169-4978-X

  Today is a very busy day at the Plaza Hotel for everyone is getting ready for Christmas. Eloise wants to “help” the staff decorate the hotel but Nanny tells her, very firmly, that she should stay where she is and help decorate the family tree. Needless to say Eloise is much more interested in decorating the hotel tree so she, Weenie and Skipperdee sneak downstairs.

  Of course on her way downstairs Eloise feels obliged to “deck the halls with Christmas cheer” – oh dear – and she does numerous other things which would get most of us into a terrible trouble if we did them.

 When she gets downstairs the tree is beautifully decorated. Expect one thing, in Eloise’s opinion, is missing. The tree needs a decoration on top. Eloise takes a silver bow off a present and proceeds to find a way to put the bow on the very tall tree.

  Without a doubt Eloise is one of the most loveable, unforgettable children’s book characters ever created. In this thoroughly amusing early reader Eloise gets up to her usual tricks, giving poor Nanny plenty to worry about and her readers more than enough to smile about. With a very simple text and illustrations that are delightfully amusing and true to the original Eloise books, this is a wonderful title for young readers to enjoy.


Eloise decorates for Christmas


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