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Eloise and the very secret room
Ellen Weiss
Illustrated by Tammie Lyon
Fiction (Series)
Ages 4 to 6
Simon and Schuster, 2006, 0-689-87450-2
  Eloise is six and she lives in the Plaza Hotel. There is one room in the grand hotel which she is sure “only I know about it.” It is the LOST AND FOUND room and one of Eloise’s great joys is to visit the room with her pet turtle Skipperdee.
  This wonderful room is full of splendid things and Eloise has lots of games that she likes to play in there. She ties together a number of ties and then she jumps rope with the colorful banner. She likes to pile lots of lost hats on her head until they are stacked up in the most becoming way. And, if she gets tired she can have a little nap on a fur coat.
 Of course the room is not quite as secret as Eloise would hope and it is not surprising when Nanny and the hotel manager turn up. They think that Eloise was lost and that they have found her but Eloise knows better.
  Precocious little children will find this story irresistible and will be delighted to share in Eloise’s adventures as they read the easy text and smile at the comical illustrations. Anyone who has explored in an attic or a basement will be able to identify with the joy Eloise experiences as she sorts through other people’s lost and forgotten bits and pieces.

Eloise and the very secret room


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