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Ella Sets Sail

Carmela D'Amico

Illustrated by Steven D'Amico

Picture Book (Series)

Ages 4 to 6

Scholastic, 2008, 0-439-83155-5

  The Elephant Islands Carnival has come to the town where Ella the elephant lives. She is going to meet her friends at the carnival and she is very excited. Unfortunately Ella’s day does not progress well. For one thing the weather is very variable with scattered showers coming through every so often. Then Ella’s friend Belinda borrows Ella’s beloved red hat, and while Belinda is at the top of the Ferris wheel, the hat is blown away.

  Determined not to loose her favorite hat Ella sets off in pursuit. The hat blows into the sea and Ella is so eager to get it back that she doesn’t even think about the approaching storm. Single mindedly she gets into a little boat and rows out to retrieve her wayward head gear.

  This fourth book in the Ella the elephant series is sure to charm young elephant fans. The entertaining adventure story is beautifully complimented by Steven D’Amico’s unique and utterly delightful illustrations.

  Readers might also like to visit the excellent Ella the Elephant website where they can meet the characters from the books, download pictures, and play games.


Ella Sets Sail


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