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Elizabeth I: The Outcast who became England's Queen
Simon Adams
Non-Fiction (Series)
Ages 8 to 12
National Geographic, 2005, 0-7922-3649-1
  It is quite extraordinary when you think about it. Elizabeth was disowned her father, her life was threatened by her stepsister and others, she was imprisoned in the Tower of London, and she was the daughter of a woman who was executed. She was also the daughter of a man who went to extraordinary lengths to have a son, a male heir to take over his throne when he died. And yet it was not his son, poor sick little Edward who is remembered today and who gave his name to an age. It was King Henry VIII's maligned, unwanted, unloved, and at times badly treated second daughter who was able to overcome much hardship to become a queen whose name will never be forgotten.
  Elizabeth took charge at a time when there was much unrest in her country. She did her best to keep out of the Protestant versus Catholic conflict and she worked on enriching the treasury. Elizabeth also she sponsored many adventures to far off lands and in her name a new colony called Virginia was founded in the New World. Certainly Elizabeth left a lasting legacy which we can still appreciate today.
  In this beautifully presented book the author tells the story of this princess who grew up to become on of the greatest queens of all time. Simon James also describes in carefully researched detail what the times were like; he describes what people ate, how they entertained themselves, what court life was like, who the principal characters of the times were, and more. Richly reproduced pictures of paintings and photographs fill the pages complimenting the text.

Elizabeth I the Outcase


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