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Duck in a truck
Jez Alborough
Board Book
Ages 4 to 6
Kane/Miller, 2005, 1-929132-83-2
  Duck is driving his truck home one day when he drives over a rock in the road and loses control of his vehicle. The truck, with Duck in it, ends up sitting in a very muddy spot on the side of the road where it becomes completely and profoundly stuck. Poor duck has to get out of the truck “into the muck all yucky and brown.” Thankfully a helpful frog offers to help Duck push the truck out of the mud. Unfortunately the two animals simply cannot budge the truck.
  Soon Duck and Frog are joined by Sheep and Goat. Will the animals be able to move the truck so that Duck can continue on his journey?
  Written in a style reminiscent of the beloved poem “This is the house that Jack built,” readers will find themselves having a good laugh at the antics of Duck, Frog, Sheep and Goat. The ending is especially amusing and the expressive illustrations perfectly capture the frustration and the annoyance that the animals feel as they try to get Duck’s truck out of its sticky situation.


Duck in a truck


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