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Down to the Sea with Mr. Magee
Chris Van Dusen
Picture Book
Ages 4 to 6
Chronicle Books, 2000, 0-8118-2499-3
  Mr. Magee loves to go boating and so he and his dog Dee, go out in their little boat with a packed lunch and much anticipation. Not far out the two friends see a large pod of whales and while they watch the whales in wonder one of the great beasts - a young and very playful member of the group - decides that Mr. Magee's boat would make a wonderful play thing. So the whale decides to shoot the boat into the air by blowing a jet of water from his blowhole directly under the little vessel.
  Now being blown in the air by a whale is no picnic but what is even worse is getting stuck up an enormous tree, which is just what happens to Mr. Magee and Dee. What on earth are the two tree bound boaters supposed to do now?
  A deliciously funny rhyming text brings Mr. Magee and his dog to life and wonderful views of Mr. Magee's little boat seen from above and below give the reader not just a landlubber's view, but also a whale's view and a gull's view of this most deliciously funny of characters and his faithful hound.

Down to the sea with Mr. Magee


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