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Roxie Munro
Picture/Lift-the-flap book
Ages 4 to 7
Chronicle Books, 2004, 1-58717-247-X
  Our world is full of doors that we can open and close and that lead to all kinds of interesting places. In this unique book you are going to be given the opportunity to open some very special doors and behind these doors you will find exciting scenes to look at and hidden objects which you must find.
  Let us begin at the fire station. Open those big double red doors and let’s see what is behind them. We are asked to find, among other things, “a flashlight and a glove, a first-aid kit that’s stored above.”
 After we have finished this little door adventure we go on to look behind the doors in many other places: a barn, a doctor’s office, the cabin of a boat, into a fridge, in a garage, backstage in a theatre, on a space ship, and into a storybook. For each place we can first try to guess where the closed door leads and then, after we open the door, we can explore the world that we find there.
  Catchy rhymes, wonderfully detailed illustrations, and over fifty liftable flaps to look under make this a wonderful book to explore with a young child. Better still children will be able to see what it might be like to visit some of the places that they dream and read about.



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