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Doomed Queen Anne
Carolyn Meyer
Historical Fiction (Series)
Ages 12 and up
Harcourt Inc., 2002, 0-15-216523-1
Could Anne Boleyn become Queen of England? Most people at court would have laughed at the very suggestion. Anne however, had a very strong will, a determination to do better for herself that anyone expected and to go further than her family ever dreamed of. When she was a child, Anne was considered very plain and uninteresting. Her parents even considered sending her to a nunnery on account of her "defects". Luckily for Anne, she was sent to be educated in the Dutch and French royal courts. By the time she was selected to be a member of the English court of Henry VIII, Anne was a very intelligent and shrewd young woman. She had also blossomed into a woman with singular looks and considerable elegance. Watching the king and learning the ways of the court, Anne bided her time. It didn't take long for King Henry to notice the charming Anne Boleyn; he was ready for a new mistress. Anne, however, refused to take on that role. She had seen other women become his mistresses, including her own sister, and watched their popularity flare, and all too soon, die. If the king wanted her, he was going to have to marry her, even though he already had a wife.
  The scandal and controversy that ensued changed English history forever. We follow Anne's meteoric path to greatness, somehow knowing that her personality and cruel fate are going to cause her fall. In this superbly written book, the dual personality of Anne Boleyn comes through. Well researched and giving a full picture of that period in English history, this is a must for a collection of historical fiction. This is one of three books by Carolyn Meyer in the "Young Royals" series.

Doomed Queen Anne


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