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Discover the seasons
Diane Iverson
Ages 5 to 10
Dawn Publications, 1996, 1-883220-43-2
  Lets us take a nature journey through a year. We are going to see how the earth changes as the seasons unfold. We are going to meet all kinds of plants and animals and we are going to see how they adapt their ways to suit each season.
  In the spring a Desert Tortoise trundles out of its winter burrow to look for food in the welcome sun. Spring is a time for celebration. So much excitement and newness fills the air that it is almost as if the whole natural world is participating in a grand party.
  In the fall each animal “seems to know/Harsh storms will soon begin” and they get ready for winter collecting food and building nests.
  Exquisite illustrations, charming little poems, and a well written text make this book a wonderful tool for parents and teachers to use to teach their children about the seasons and the beauty of nature. At the end of each season chapter readers and their grown-ups will find a section of activities that they can do in that season. In spring they can save materials that birds can use to build their nests and they can make a pretty flower mobile to hang up. In the summer they can set up a bird bath and make Sunshine Tea. In the fall they can do leaf tracings and plant a tree.
  All in all this is a beautifully produced book which celebrates the wonders of nature in a lyrical, informative, hands-on way giving children the means to see and experience the natural world around them


Discover the seasons


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