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Diana Wynne Jones

  Diana Wynne Jones has always been interested in stories. In her childhood she didn't have that many books around and so she starterd to make up her own. At the age of eight, she already wrote her creations down and read them aloud to to her sisters.
  Born in London, England, in 1934 she lived her early years there but soon the war forced her to move to Wales. She spent some of her childhood there. As a whole, it wasn't a remarkably pleasant one. When staying in Wales she was picked on for being an English girl. The relations to her parents were never really close either. Luckily she had her sisters to rely on.
  DWJ was considered to be quite bright. She went to school with children two years older than her. As time passed by she was accepted to St. Anne's College in Oxford. She was taught by great writers such as J.R.R Tolkien and C. S. Lewis, which undoubtedly had a great effect on her. Later on she received her Bachelor of Arts. She married John Burrow in 1956 and two years later they had their first child.

Diana Wynne Jones


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