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Desmond and the Naughtybugs
Linda Ashman
Illustrated by Anik McGrory
Picture Book
Ages 4 to 7
Penguin, 2006, 0-525-47203-7
  Most of the time Desmond was a good boy. He cleaned up after himself, went to sleep when he was supposed to, and he did his best to be helpful. There were times though when he found is very hard to be good. These were the times when the Naughtybugs turned up. On Monday the Sloggies made it impossible for him to pay attention to what he needed to do to get ready for school on time. On Tuesday the Peskies made him misbehave when he went to the market with his mother. On Wednesday the Squirmies made him wiggle and fiddle when his family went out to eat. Then the Whinies turned up on Thursday and on Friday the whole family was driven to distraction by the Snarlies and the Gigglies.
  All is all it was a hard week but thankfully Desmond’s parents know all about the Naughtybugs and they are pretty understanding about the whole thing. One can hope that the Naughtybugs will stay away forever, but you never know when they might pop up.
  Any child who has been infected by a case of the Naughtybugs will understand all about Desmond’s problems. Young readers will laugh as they look at the pictures of the various kinds of creatures which make Desmond behave badly, and grownups will recognize each kind of naughtiness for they have all seen it many times before.
  With this amusing and cunningly illustrated book in hand, families will find themselves able to get through and past any case of the Naughtybugs which comes into their home.

Desmond and the naughtybugs


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