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Deep Water
Debi Gliori
Fiction (Series)
Ages 12 and up
Random House, 2005, 0-552-55047-7
  Pandora, Titus and their little sister Damp have still not recovered from the loss of their beloved nanny Flora McLachlan. Nothing in the house seems right without her there. Meals are quite dreadful and their mother does not seem to be coping too well. Things get worse when the children’s father, Luciano Strega-Borgia, is arrested for multiple murders. It would seem that the family cook, Marie Bain, has turned against her employers and is determined to make sure that poor Luciano ends up in prison for the rest of his life.
  Unknown to the family, Flora is still around. She is trapped on an island with the demon Isagoth and bit by bit she is losing all the memories she has of her old life. Desperately Flora tries to find a way to free herself never suspecting that help will come from a very unexpected quarter indeed.
  Deliciously ridiculous and often disgusting, this book is sure to delight readers who have enjoyed the other books in this series. Beneath all the chaos and madness, readers will find that there is a vein of something very profound and simple. Always in the background, there is the love the children feel for their lost nanny, a love which may end up saving her from her dreadful fate.
  This is the kind of book which can be enjoyed in many levels. Young readers will love the often revolting things that happen, while older readers will enjoy the dark humor which makes this series truly unique.

Deep Water


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