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Dear Dragon
An Vrombaut
Picture Book
Ages 3 to 5
Hodder Children’s Books, 2006, 0-340-88149-6
  Tomorrow it is going to be Princess Florrie’s birthday and she has decided that she is far “too grown up” to have jugglers, jesters and acrobats at her party. No, Florrie wants something far more dramatic for her special celebration. What Florrie wants is a dragon and the “dreadfuller the better.”
  Now, Florrie is not your average genteel sort of little princess. No indeed. When Florrie wants something she makes sure that she gets it. So, Florrie writes the dragon a very polite letter inviting him to her birthday. She then sneaks out in the dead of night to deliver the letter herself. Unfortunately the dragon turns out to be very dreadful indeed and soon Florrie is running for her life. Then, just when Florrie is about to get frizzled by dragon fire, Florrie drops a bottle of bubble liquid straight into the dragon’s open mouth. Now the dragon is not a fierce fire blowing creature but a very woebegone bubble blowing dragon. What on earth is to be done?
  This comical story with its bright and vibrant art work is sure to delight young dragon fans. Without a doubt the award winning author of the 64 Zoo Lane books has created another picture book which is sure to be enjoyed by children all over the world.

Dear Dragon


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