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175 Easy-To-Do Easter Crafts

175 Easy-to-do Everyday Crafts
26 Fairmont Avenue




A Beach Ball has them all

A Bear Called Paddington

A Bear Called Paddington (Audio)

A Bear Called Sunday

A Bit more Bert

About Arachnids: A Guide for Children
A Boy at War
A Boy no More
A child is a child

A Child’s Introduction to Poetry

A Child’s Seasonal Treasury
A Coal Miner's Bride: The Diary of Anetka Kaminska

A Day at the Beach

A Day in the Life of Murphy
A Day that Changed America: D-Day

A Day That Changed America: Earthquake!

A Day That Changed America: The Alamo

A Day that Changed America: The Gettysburg Address

A Family of Poems

A is for Abigail: An Almanac of American American Women

A is for Algonquin: An Ontario Alphabet

A is for America: An American Alphabet

 A Kick in the Head: An everyday guide to poetic forms

A Long way from Chicago

A Long way from Chicago (Audio)

A Little bit of winter

A Flower Fairies Springtime Dance

A Foreign Field

A Goose named Gilligan

A Horn for Louis

A Horse names Seabiscuit
A Journey to the New World: The Diary of Remember Patience Whipple, 1620
A Little House of Their Own

A Million dots

A Mother’s Wish

A Picnic in October

A Pickpocket’s Tale

A Picnic with Monet

A Pioneer Thanksgiving: A story of harvest celebrations in 1841

A Pirate’s Life for me: A Day aboard a Pirate Ship

A Photographic Story of a Life: Eleanor Roosevelt

A Poodle in Paris

A Poppy is to remember
A Prairie as Wide as the Sea: The Immigrant Diary of Ivy Weatherall

A Prairie Boy’s Summer
A Quiet Place
A Redwall Winter's Tale

A Style all her own
A Tale From Redwall: High Rhulain
A Tale From Redwall: Loamhedge
A Tale From Redwall: Lord Brocktree
A Tale From Redwall: Marlfox
A Tale From Redwall: Martin the Warrior
A Tale From Redwall: Mattimeo
A Tale From Redwall: Rakkety Tam
A Tale From Redwall: The Bellmaker
A Tale From Redwall: The Legend of Luke
A Tale From Redwall: The Long Patrol
A Tale From Redwall: Triss

A Three minute speech
A Time for Courage: The Suffragette Diary of Kathleen Bowen

A Trail of Broken Dreams: The Gold Rush Diary of Harriet Palmer

A Traitor Among Us

A Turkey for Thanksgiving

A Very spotty flap book

A Woman for President: The Story of Victoria Woodhall

Abigail Adams: First Lady of the American Revolution

Abigail the Happy Whale

Adele and Simon
Adventures in Ancient Greece

Adventures with the Vikings

Aggie and Ben: Three Stories
Agincourt: Jenkin Lloyd, France 1415

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein: A life of a genius
Albert Einstein: Genius of the Twentieth Century

Al Capone Does my shirts

Al Capone does my shirts (audio)
Alexander Graham Bell
Alexander Graham Bell: An Inventive Life

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Alice Rose and Sam (Audio)

All Because of Jackson

All in just one cookie
All the Stars in the Sky: The Santa Fe Trail Diary of Florrie Mack Ryder

All the World’s a Stage
Alone in an Untamed Land: The Filles du Roi Diary of Helene St. Onge


Amazing Leonardo da Vinci Inventions you can build yourself

Amelia Earhart: More than a flier

Amelia Earhart: Young Air Pioneer

America the Beautiful

America: A Patriotic Primer

American Documents: The Bill of Rights

American Documents: The Declaration of Independence

American Documents: The Emancipation Proclamation

American Documents: The Mayflower Compact
Anastasia: The Last Grand Duchess, Russia 1914

Ancient China: Archeology Unlocks the secrets of the past
Andrew Jackson: Young Patriot

And the Good Brown Earth

Andy Shane and the Pumpkin Trick

An Egg is Quiet
Angel on the Square
Angel on the Square Audio
Angelina and Alice
Angelina at the Palace
Angelina Ballerina
Angelina Ballerina's Invitation to the Ballet
Angelina Ice Skates
Angelina Star of the Show
Angelina's Christmas
Angelina's Halloween

An Innocent Soldier

An Island Scrapbook: Dawn to Dusk on a Barrier Island

Anna Aphid

Anne Frank: Photographic Story of a Life

Annie Oakley saves the Day

An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving

Antarctica: Journeys to the South Pole

Apple Cider making Days

April Foolishness

Are you my mother?
Armada: Thomas Hobbs, England 1587-1588

Artemis Fowl

Artemis Fowl (Audio)

Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident

Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident (Audio)

Artemis Fowl: The Eternity Code

Artemis Fowl: The Eternity Code (Audio)

Artemis Fowl: The Lost Colony

Artemis Fowl: The Lost Colony (Audio)

Artemis Fowl: The Opal Deception

Artemis Fowl: The Opal Deception (Audio)
Arthur Spiderwick's Field Guide to the Fantastical World Around You

Attack on Pearl Harbor: The True Story of the Day America Entered World War II

At the sign of the sugared plum

A Seaside Alphabet

A Sea So far
Ashes of Roses
Ask Albert Einstein

A Swim through the sea

At Ocean’s Edge

Audubon: Painter of Birds in the Wild Frontier


Autumn Leaves

Autumn Story

Away to the Goldfields






Babar and Father Christmas

Babar and his children

Babar and the ghost

Babar and the soccotash Bird

Babar and the Wully-Wully

Babar the king

Babar the magician

Babar visits another planet

Babar’s Battle

Babar’s Birthday Surprise

Babar's Busy Year
Babar's Museum of Art
Babar's World Tour
Baby Blossom Makes a Wish

Babymouse: Beach Babe

Babymouse: Our Hero

Babymouse: Rock Star

Babymouse: Queen of the World

Baby’s First pop-up! Farm Animals

Bach’s Goldberg Variations
Banished from Our Home: The Acadian Diary of Angelique Richard
Battle of Britain: Harry Woods, England 1939-1941

Bead it!

Bear’s New Friend

Bear Snores On

Bear Stays up for Christmas
Bear Wants More

Because I could not stop my bike and other poems

Because your Daddy Love you

Beep Beep Let’s go

Behind the Mask: The Life of Queen Elizabeth I
Belle Prater’s Boy

B for Buster

Ben Franklin’s Almanac: Being a true account of the Good Gentleman’s Life

Bessie Coleman: Daring to Fly

Betsy and the Emperor
Beware Princess Elizabeth

Beyond Little Women: A story about Louisa May Alcott

Beyond the Dragon Portal
Beyond the Heather Hills

Beyond the Sea of Ice: The Voyages of Henry Hudson

Beyond the Western Sea: Book One - The Escape from Home

Beyond the Western Sea: Book One - The Escape from Home (Audio)

Billy and the Rebel: Based on a True Civil War Story

Bigbeard’s Hook

Big Bear Little Bear

Big Book of Clues from A to Z

Bijou, Bonbon & Beau: The Kittens Who danced for Degas

Birdie’s Lighthouse

Birthday Bugs


Biscuit and the Baby

Biscuit Visits the Big City

Biscuit’s Hanukkah

Blackbeard’s Last Fight

Blackbeard: The Pirate King
Blackthorn's Changing Seasons
Blitz: The Diary of Edie Benson, London 1940-1941
Blizzard! The Storm that Changed America

Bloody Jack: Being an account of the curious adventures of Mary “Jacky” Faber, Ship’s Boy

Blueberries for the Queen

Blue-footed Booby Dance

Body Bags

Body Bags (Audio)

Books in a Box: Baby Animals

Born to be a cowgirl

Boy Soldier

Boxes for Katje

Brave Soldier

Bread and Roses, too

Bread and Roses, too (Audio)

Bridges are to Cross

Brothers Far From Home: The World War I Diary of Eliza Bates

Brothers of the Falls

Brown Paper Teddy Bear

Bright Ideas: The age of invention in America, 1870-1910

Bull’s Eye: A Photobiography Of Annie Oakley

Bunny my Honey

Buried in Ice: The Mystery of a Lost Arctic Expedition

Buttercup Goes to the Ball

Button, Bucket, Sky

Busy in the Garden

Busy Little Mouse

By the Shores of Silver Lake

By the Shores of Silver Lake (Audio)





Cabin in Snow: Book Two of the Prairie Skies Series
Caleb's Story

California Gold Rush: A guide to California in the 1850’s

Call me Marianne

Captain Raptor and the Moon Mystery
Carl’s Sleepy Afternoon

Carmine: A little More Red
Casey at the bat

Castaway Cats

Causes of the American Revolution

Causes of the Civil War

Causes of World War II

Celebrate Thanksgiving with Turkey, Family, and Counting Blessings

Cesar Chavez: A Hero for Everyone

Cesar Chavez: Fighting for Farmworkers

Changes for Molly: A Winter Story

Chico: A True Story from the Childhood of the First Woman Supreme Court Justice

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Christmas After All: The Great Depression Dairy of Minnie Swift

C is for Chinook: An Alberta Alphabet
City of Snow: The Great Blizzard of 1888

Civil War Sub: The Mystery of the Hunley
Clara Barton: Angel of the Battlefield
Clara Barton: Founder of the American Red Cross

Clara Schumann: Piano Virtuoso

Cloud Boy

Come on Seabiscuit!

Come to the Fair

Come to the Ocean’s Edge: A Nature Cycle Book

Constitution Translated for Kids

Counting in the Garden

Count me a rhyme: Animal Poems by Numbers

Courage of the Blue Boy

Cork and Fuzz

Cork and Fuzz: Short and Tall
Crafts for St. Patrick's Day

Cranium: The Word Worm Book of Outrageous Fun!: Write it, Read it, Say it!

Crazy Cars for crazy kids

Created Equal: Women Campaign for the Right to Vote. 1940-1920

Creating Clever Castles and Cars from Boxes and Other Stuff

Creepy Crawlies
Crimea: Michael Pope, 100th Regiment, 1853-1857

Crispin: At the Edge of the world
Crispin: The Cross of Lead

C.S. Lewis: The Man behind Narnia

Custard the Dragon and the Wicked Knight





Dad Aren’t you glad?

Daddy Cuddles

Daddy Goes to Work

Daddy Kisses

Dancing with Degas

Danger: Dynamite

Danger! Earthquakes

Danger! Volcanoes

Dangerous Crossing: The Revolutionary Journey of John Quincy Adams

Dan the Ant

Davy Crocket: A Life on the Frontier
D-Day: The Story of Lieutenant Andy Pope, Normandy 1944

Dead Reckoning: A Pirates Voyage with Captain Drake

Dear Dragon

Deep Water

Degas and the Dance: The Painter and the Petits Rats, Perfecting their art

Degas: Art Activity Pack

Delivering Justice: W.W. Law and the Fight For civil Rights
Desert Duel

Desmond and the Naughtybugs

Diary of a drummer Boy
Dickens: His work and his world


Dinosaurs Strange and Wonderful

D is for Democracy

D is for Dragon Dance

D is for Dancing Dragon: a China Alphabet
Discover the seasons

Discovering the seasons

Domenic’s War
Doomed Queen Anne


Dougal the Garbage Dump Bear

Down the Back of the chair

Down to the sea in ships

Down to the sea with Mr. Magee

Dr. Ernest Drake’s Dragonology: The Complete Book of Dragons
Dr. Suess: Young Author and Artist
Dreams of the Golden Country: The Diary of Zipporah Feldman, a Jewish Immigrant Girl

Dragon Rider

Dragon Soup

Dragonology: Tracking and Taming Dragons - Volume One, European Dragon

Duck in a truck

Duck’s Key: Where can it be?

Duel of the Ironclads: The Monitor vs the Virginia
Dust to Eat: Drought and Depression in the 1930’s

Dwight D. Eisenhower: Young Military Leader





Eagle Strike

Eagle Strike (Audio)

Early Sunday Morning: The Pearl Harbor Diary of Amber Billows, Hawaii 1941

Earth Day

Earth Day Birthday


Easter Around the World
Ebb and Flo and the Baby Seal
Ebb and Flo and the Greedy Gulls
Ebb and Flo and the New Friend

Eddie’s Garden and how to make things grow

Ed Emberley’s Big Orange Drawing Book

Ed Emberley’s Drawing Book of Animals

Ed Emberley’s Drawing Book of Halloween

Ed Emberley’s Drawing Book of Trucks and Trains

Edward and the Pirates

Edwina: The dinosaur who didn’t know she was extinct


Eleanor Roosevelt: An Inspiring Life

Eleanor Roosevelt: First Lady of the World
Elisabeth of Austria: The Princess Bride

Elizabeth Cady Stanton: Women’s Right’s Pioneer
Elizabeth I: Red Rose of the House of Tudor, England 1544

Elizabeth I: The Outcast who became England’s Queen

Ella sets the stage

Ella takes the cake

Ella the elegant elephant
Ella’s big Chance
Eloise at Christmastime

Eloise at the Wedding

Eloise Has a Lesson

Eloise in Hollywood
Eloise in Moscow
Eloise in Paris
Eloise takes a Bawth

Emily’s Balloon

Encyclopedia Prehistorica: Dinosaurs

Encyclopedia Prehistorica: Sharks and Other sea Monsters

Endymion Spring

Ereth’s Birthday

Ereth’s Birthday (Audio)

Erie Canal: Canoeing America’s Great Waterway

Erika’s Story
Ernest and Elston
Ernest and the BIG Itch
Ernest's Special Christmas

Escaping into the Night

Evangeline Mudd and the Golden-Haired Apes of the Ikkinasti Jungle

Evangeline Mudd and the Great Mink Escape

Everybody’s Revolution: A new look at the people who won America’s Freedom

Everybody’s Somebody’s Lunch

Experience Volcano

Exploring the Titanic

Eye of the Wolf

Eyewitness: American Revolution

Eyewitness: Ancient China

Eyewitness: Baseball

Eyewitness: Invention

Eyewitness: Monet

Eyewitness: Natural Disasters

Eyewitness: Pirate

Eyewitness: Van Gogh

Eyewitness: Volcano and Earthquake

Eyewitness: WWI

Eyewitness: WWII






Face to Face: Safari

Failure is Impossible: The Story of Susan B. Anthony

Fairyopolis: A Flower Fairies Journal


Fall is Here: Counting 1 to 10
Fannie in the Kitchen
Far Flung Adventures: Corby Flood
Far Flung Adventures: Fergus Crane

Farmer Boy

Farmer Boy (Audio)

Farmer Duck
Father of the Constitution: A Story about James Madison

Faucet Fish

Feathers: Poems about Birds

Feely Bugs

Fenwick’s Suit

Fidgety Fish

Fight for Freedom: The American Revolutionary War

Finding Sophie: A search for belonging in Postwar Britain

Fine Feathered Friends: Poems for Young People

Finishing Becca: A Story about Peggy Shipman and Benedict Arnold
Fire at the Triangle Factory
Fireboat: The Heroic Adventures of the John J. Harvey


Fire in the Sky

First on the Moon

Florence Nightingale

Flower Fairies Best Friends

Fluffy: Scourge of the Sea

Fly by night

Fly High: The Story of Bessie Coleman

Fly Little Bird

Fly with Poetry: An ABC Poetry

Flying Ace: Jack Fairfax, Royal Flying Corps 1915-1918

Footprints on the Moon

Four In All

Four Steps to Death

Fourth of July Mice

Frances Hodgson Burnett: Beyond the Secret Garden

Franklin and Eleanor
Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Champion of Freedom

Freedom Riders: John Lewis and Jim Zwerg on the front lines of the civil rights movement

Funniest Storybook Ever

Funky Knits: Knitting Know-How for hip young things





Gandhi: Young Nation Builder

Gathering: A Northwoods Counting Book

Genius: A Photobiography of Albert Einstein

Genius: Marie Curie

George and the Dragon

George’s Marvelous Medicine

George’s Marvelous Medicine (Audio)

Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue

Ghost Light on Graveyard Shoal
Ghost Ship
Ghost Ship (Audio)

Ghosts of the Civil War

Gifts from the Sea

Girl Wonder: A Baseball Story in Nine Innings

Give her the river: A Father’s Wish for his daughter

Going on a journey to the sea

Going Solo

Gold Rush fever: A story of the Klondike, 1898

Gold Rush Winter

Good-bye Marianne: A story of growing up in Nazi Germany

Good Fortune: My Journey to Gold Mountain
Good Morning Sam
Good Night Sam

Good Wives

Good Wives (Audio)

Gooseberry Goose

Gracie and the Emperor

Grandma Summer

Grandpa and Bo


Greetings from Sandy Beach
Gregor and the Curse of the Warmbloods

Gregor and the Marks of Secret
Gregor and the Prophecy of Bane
Gregor the Overlander
Gus and Grandpa
Gus and Grandpa and the Christmas Cookies
Gus and Grandpa and the Halloween Costume
Gus and Grandpa and the piano lesson
Gus and Grandpa and the Two-wheeled Bike
Gus and Grandpa at the hospital
Gus and Grandpa go Fishing
Gus and Grandpa ride the train





 Ha Ha, Maisy
Hairy Hezekiah
Hairy Maclary and Zachary Quack
Hairy Maclary Scattercat
Hairy Maclary's Bone
Hairy Maclary's Rumpus at the Vet
Hairy Mclary from Donaldson's Dairy


Halloween Circus

Halloween Howls: Holiday Poetry

Halloween is...

Halloween Mice


Hank Aaron: Brave in Every Way

Hans Christian Andersen’s Fairy Tales

Happy Birthday Molly: A Springtime Story
Happy Crafty Easter
Happy Easter Davy

Happy Haunting Amelia Bedelia
Hard times for Jake Smith
Harriet Tubman: Riding the Freedom Train
Harry Houdini: A Magical Life

Harry Houdini: A Photographic Story of a Life
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone


Hatching Magic

Hattie Big sky

Hattie Marshall and the Hurricane
Hazel Green

Hazel’s Amazing Mother
Hear My Sorrow: The Diary of Angela Denoto, a Shirtwaist Worker

Heart and Soul: The Story of Florence Nightingale

Heave Ho!

Helen Keller: A Determined Life

Helen Keller: A Photographic Story of a Life

Hello Harvest Moon

Hello Ocean

Henry and the Clubhouse

Henry and the Clubhouse (Audio)

Henry and the Paper Route

Henry and the paper route (Audio)

Henry David’s House

Herb the Vegetarian Dragon

Here Lies the Librarian
Here We All Are
Heroes Don't Run

Heroes of the Revolution

Hero of the High Seas: John Paul Jones and the American Revolution

Hey Daddy: Animals Fathers and their Babies

Hey there, Stink Bug!

Hidden Depths: Amazing Underwater Discoveries

High Flight: A Story of World War II

High Hopes: A Photographic biography of John F. Kennedy

Hip to Bead: 32 Contemporary Projects for Today’s Beader

H is for Home Run: A Baseball Alphabet

Hitler’s Canary

Hit the Ball Duck


Holly Bloom’s Garden

Home Sweet Home: A Little Book of Fairy Dwellings
Hondo and Fabian

Honey: The Gift of Nature

Hoodwinked: Deception and Resistance

Hooray for Inventors!
Hope in my Heart: Sofia's Immigrant Diary

Hoping for rain: The dust bowl adventures of Patty and Earl Buckler

Horse Pie

Hot Air: The (Mostly) true story of the first Hot-Air Balloon Ride

Houdini: World’s Greatest Mystery Man and Escape King

How Ben Franklin Stole Lightening

How do dinosaurs learn their colors

How Groundhog’s Garden Grew

How Hot was it?
How Many bugs in a box

How Nearly everything was invented
How to be an ancient Greek Athlete

How to be a pirate

How to be a revolutionary soldier

How to raise and keep a dragon

How will we get to the beach/Como Iremos a la playa?
How Zinnia Got Her Name
Hurray For Spring!

Hurricane Hunters! Riders on the Storm

Hurricanes: Storms of the sea

Hurry, Hurry, Mary Dear





I am Lavina Cumming

I could do that! Esther Morris gets women the votes

If a dolphin were a fish

If I had a dragon


Igor the bird who couldn’t sing

I had seen Castles: A Novel

I hate to read!

I heard it from Alice Zucchini

I Know it’s Autumn

I love our Earth

I Love you the Purplest

Independence Now: The American Revolution 1763-1783
Indescribably Arabella
Inheritance: Book One - Eragon
Inheritance: Book Two - Eldest

In the Garden: Who’s Been Here

In the woods

In Our Backyard Garden

It Can’t be done Nellie Bly

If you lived in the time of the Great San Francisco Earthquake

I is for Idea: An Inventions Alphabet


I’m Still Scared

Inside the Hindenburg: A giant Cutaway Book

Into the Firestorm: A Novel of San Francisco, 1906

Into the Volcano: A volcano researcher at work

Inventing the future: A photobiography of Thomas Alva Edison

Inventor McGregor

I saw an any on the railroad track

It Happens in the month of August

It Happens in the Month of July

It Happens in the month of October

It happens in the month of November

It happens in the month of September

It’s Fall
It's Spring!

It’s Spring!

It’s Springtime in my backyard

Ivy and Bean

I walk in dread: The Diary of Deliverance Trembley
Izzie: Book One - The Christmas that Almost Wasn't
Izzie: Book Three - Patricia's Secret
Izzie: Book Two - Trongate Fury





Jack and the Night Visitors

Jackie Robinson: Baseball’s Great Pioneer

January 1905

Jeanette Rankin: First Lady of Congress

Jesse James: Legendary Rebel and outlaw

Joe Boat

Johannes Gutenberg: Inventor of the Printing Press

Johann Sebastian Bach and the art of Baroque Music

John Adams Speaks for freedom

John Audubon: Young Naturalist

John F. Kennedy: A Photographic Story of a life

John F. Kennedy: The Making of a Leader

John Muir: American’s First Environmentalist
John Sutter and the California Gold Rush

Johannes Brahms and the Twilight of Romanticism
Johnny Appleseed by Jane Kurtz
Johnny Appleseed by Reeve Lindbergh

Jonas Salk and the Polio Vaccine

Jonas Salk: Conquering Polio

Julius Caesar: Young Statesman

Just Like You





Katie and the Dinosaurs

Katie and the Mona Lisa

Katie in London

Katie Meets the Impressionists

Katie Morag and the Riddles

Katie’s Picture Show

Katie’s Sunday Afternoon

Keeley: Book One - The Girl from Turtle Mountain

Kids Can Do it : Birdfeeders

Kids Can Do it: Birdhouses

Kids Can do it: Funky Junk

Kids Can do it: Knitting
Kirsten Learns a Lesson: A School Story

Kiss Good Night
Kit's Home Run
Kit's Railway Adventure

Klondike Gold

Knit Knack Kit: Simple Instructions and Tools for 25 terrific knitting projects

Knit Now

Kristina: The Girl King, Sweden 1638





Land of Buffalo Bones

Larklight: A rousing Tale of Dauntless Pluck in the Farthest Reaches of Space

Last Chance Bay

Leaf Jumpers

Leaf Man

Learning to Fly

Legends of the West: Annie Oakley

Legends of the West: Billy the Kid

Legends of the West: Buffalo Bill

Legends of the West: Calamity Jane

Legends of the West: Jesse James

Legends of the West: Wyatt Earp

Leonardo and the Death Machine

Leonardo and the Flying Boy: A Story about Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo: Beautiful Dreamer

Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci: The Genius who defined the Renaissance

Let it Begin Here: Lexington and Concord, First Battles of the American Revolution

Let them play
Let's Celebrate St. Patrick's Day

Let’s Make it Pop-Up

Lewis and Clark: Explorer’s of the American West


Liberty’s Journey

Liberty Rising: The Story of the Statue of Liberty

Life as we knew it

Lighthouse Lullaby

Lily and Trooper’s Fall

Lily and Trooper’s Spring

Lilly’s Big Day

Lily’s Crossing

Linnea in Monet’s Garden

Little Bear’s Dragon and other stories

Little Bunny’s Bedtime
Little City By the Lake

Little Darlings

Little Darlings (Audio)

Little House in the Big Woods

Little House in the Big Woods (Audio)

Little House on the Prairie

Little House on the Prairie (Audio)

Little Men

Little Men (Audio)
Little Miss Spider

Little Rabbit Goes to School

Little Rabbit lost

Little Rabbit Runaway
Little Rat sets sail

Little Red Train’s Race to the finish

Little Town on the Prairie

Little Town on the Prairie (Audio)

Little Women

Little Women (Audio)

 Liu and the Bird: A Journey in Chinese Calligraphy

Lola and Fred

London Calling

Look Closer: Birds

Look Closer: Sea Creatures

Lords of the Sea: The Vikings Explore the North Atlantic
Love Thy Neighbor: The Tory Diary of Prudence Emerson

Luba: The Angel of Bergen-Belsen

Lucky Leaf

Lucy Maud Montgomery

Lucy Maud Montgomery: A Writer’s Life

Lucy Maud and the Cavendish Cat

Lucy’s Secret





Mack made Movies
Madeline and the Bad Hat
Madeline and the Gypsies
Madeline in London
Madeline Loves Animals
Madeline's Christmas
Madeline's Rescue

Magellan and the first Voyage around the world

Maggie’s Door

Magic Mother Goose
Magic Windows: Farm

Maisy, Charley and the Wobbly Tooth

Maisy Goes Camping
Maisy Goes to School
Maisy Goes to the Library

Maisy’s Book Tower
Maisy’s First Game Book

Maisy's Pirate Treasure Hunt

Maisy’s Snowy Christmas Eve

Maisy’s Thanksgiving Sticker Book
Maisy's Trick or Treat Sticker Book
Maisy's Valentine Sticker Book

Maisy’s Wonderful Weather Book

Make Van Gogh’s Bed

Mama Do you love me?

Mama’s Day

Mama went to jail for the vote

Man O’ War: Best Racehorse Ever

Margit: Book One - Home Free
Margit: Book Two - A Bit of Love and a Bit of Luck

Marie Antoinette and the decline of the French monarchy
Marie Antoinette: Princess of Versailles, Austria-France 1769

Marie Curie and Radioactivity

Marie Curie: A Brilliant Life

Marie Curie: The Woman who changed the course of science

Mariel of Redwall

Mariel of Redwall (Audio)

Mark Twain at Work!

Mark Twain for Kids: His life and Times

Marooned: The Strange but True Story of Alexander Selkirk, the real Robinson Crusoe

Martin Luther King Jr: A photographic story of a life

Marvelous Mattie: How Margaret E. Knight became an inventor

Mary Patten’s Voyage
Mary Queen of Scots: Queen without a Country
Mary, Bloody Mary

Matthew Henson: Arctic Explorer


Mattimeo (Audio)

Mayflower 1620: A new look at the Pilgrim Voyage
Mayflower: The Diary of Remember Patience Whipple, 1620

McDuff and the Baby
McDuff Comes Home
McDuff Goes to School
McDuff Moves In
McDuff Saves the Day
McDuff's Favorite Things: Touch and Feel
McDuff's Hide and Seek
McDuff's New Friend
McDuff's Wild Romp

Me and Rupert Goody
Meet Felicity: An American Girl, 1774
Meet Kirstin: An American Girl, 1854
Meet Kit: An American Girl, 1934
Meet Molly: An American Girl, 1944
Meet Samantha: An American Girl, 1904

Mercedes and the Chocolate Pilot

Millie: Book One - Ride the River

Milly and the Macy’s Day Parade

Miracle: The Story of the Wreck of the Sea Venture

M is for Maple

Miss Jaster’s Garden

Miss Lady Bird’s Wildflowers: How a First lady Changed America

Miss Rumphius

Miss Spider’s Tea Party

Miss Spider’s Wedding
Mister Magnolia

 Molly Learns a Lesson: A school Story

Molly’s Pilgrim

Molly Saves the Day: A Summer Story

Molly’s Surprise: A Christmas Story

Mommy Hugs

Mommy Loves

Monet and the Impressionists for kids: Their lives and ideas

Monet: Art Activity Pack

Monster Halloween

Monster Mission
Montmorency and the Assassins
Montmorency on the Rocks
Montmorency: Thief, Liar, Gentleman?

Moo, Moo who are you?


More Perfect than the Moon
Mortal Engines


Mossflower (Audio)
Motorcyle Police

Mouse’s First Day of School

Mouse’s First Fall

Mouse’s First Halloween

Mouse’s First Summer
Mr. George Baker

Mr. Putter and Tabby Make a wish

Mr. Putter and Tabby Write the book

Ms. Frizzle’s Adventures: Imperial China
Muddle Earth: Book One (Audio)
Muddle Earth: Book Three (Audio)
Muddle Earth: Book Two (Audio)

Music for Alice

My Brother Martin: A sister remembers growing up with Martin Luther King Jr.

My Dad’s Job

My Daddy and me

My Daddy is a giant

My Dear Noel: The Story of a letter from Beatrix Potter

My Father’s Shop

My Favorite Tree: Terrific Trees of North America

My Friend Rabbit
My Mannequins

My Mom

My Naughty Little Sister

My Naughty Little Sister and Bad Harry

More Naughty Little Sister Stories

More Naughty Little Sister Stories (Audio)

My Red Balloon
My Secret War: The World War II Diary of Madeline Beck
My Side of the Story: Escape from War

My Tour of Europe By Teddy Roosevelt, Age 10
My Tudor Queen: The Diary of Eva de Puebla, London 1501-1513





Napoleon and Josephine: Paper Dolls

N.C. Wyeth’s Pilgrims

Nellie Bly: A name to be reckoned with

Neil, Buzz, and Mike go to the moon

New Beginnings: Jamestown and the Virginia Colony 1607-1699

Nick is Sick

No Room for Napoleon

Nory Ryan’s Song

Nursery Rhymes: Baby’s First Pop-up!






Ocean Babies

Oh the places he went: A Story about Dr. Seuss

Old Cricket

Old Ironsides: Americans Build a Fighting Ship

Oliver’s Game

Olivia and the missing toy

Olivia Counts

Olivia Forms a band
Olivia saves the circus

Olivia’s Opposites

On Board the Titanic

On the Bank of Plum Creek

On the Bank of Plum Creek (Audio)

Once there was a tree

Once Upon a lily pad

Once upon a tide

Once Upon a time in Chicago: The Story of Benny Goodman

One Gray Mouse

One Green Apple

One Halloween Night

One Nation: America by Numbers

One Small Garden

One White Wishing Stone: A Beach Day Counting Book
On My Way
On sand island
One Eye Laughing, the Other Weeping: The Diary of Julie Weiss
One red dot

Onward: A Photobiography of African-American Polar Explorer Matthew Henson

One Wish

Our World: A country-by country guide
Operation Red Jericho: The Guild of Specialists
Orphan at my door: The Home Child Diary of Victoria Cope, 1897

Our Community Garden

Our Eleanor: A Scrapbook look at Eleanor Roosevelt’s Remarkable Life
Our Kansas Home: Book Three of the Prairie Skies Series

Our Seasons

Our song: The Story of “O Canada”

Our Strange New Land: Elizabeth’s Jamestown Colony Diary

Our Tree Named Steve

Outcast of Redwall

Over the river and through the wood: A Thanksgiving poem


Owl Moon





Pagan in Exile
Pagan's Crusade
Pagan's Scribe
Pagan's Vows

Papa do you love me?

Parade Day

Paris 1789: A guide to Paris on the Eve of the Revolution


Patience Princess Catherine

Patrick Henry: Liberty or Death
Paul Revere's Ride

Pearls of Lutra

Penelope Bailey Takes the Stage
Petals in the Ashes

Petar’s Song

Peter and the Shadow Thieves

Peter and the Starcatchers

Peter Rabbit Touch and Feel

Peter Rabbit: A lift-the-flap rebus story book
Peter Rabbit's Springtime: A pop-up Book

Peter Raven Under Fire


Philippe in Monet’s Garden

Picasso and Minou

Picasso: Art Activity Pack

Picasso: Soul of Fire

Pictures at the Exhibition

Pig on the Titanic

Pilgrim Cat
Pioneer Summer: Book One of the Prairie Skies Series
Pirate Diary: The Journal of Jake Carpenter

Pirate Girl

Pirate Pup


Pirates Plants and Plunder

P is for Pilgrim: A Thanksgiving Alphabet

Planet Patrol: A Kid’s Action Guide to Earth Care

Planting the seed: A guide to Gardening

Poetry Speaks to Children

Point Blank

Point Blank (Audio)

Polar the Titanic Bear

Pompeii: Lost and Found


Poppy (Audio)

Poppy and Rye

Poppy and Rye (Audio)

Poppy’s Babies

Poppy’s Return

Poppy’s Return (Audio)

Portraits: Dancing through the fire

Powder Monkey: Adventures of a Young Sailor

Prairie Summer
Predator's Gold

Princess Chamomile’s Garden

Priscilla and Rosy

Pumpkin Hill

Pumpkin Jack

Pure Dead Brilliant

Pure Dead Brilliant (Audio)

Pure Dead Magic

Pure Dead Magic (Audio)

Pure Dead Trouble

Pure Dead Wicked

Pure Dead Wicked (Audio)





Quake! Disaster in San Francisco, 1906

Quick Knits





Ragged Bear

Rainy Day with Bear

Ralph Masiello’s Ocean Drawing Book

Read anything good lately


Red Berry Wool


Redwall (Audio)

Red Knot: A Shorebird’s Incredible Journey
Red, White, and Blue and Uncle Who?

Remember me: A search for refuge in wartime Britain

Remember Pearl Harbor: American and Japanese Survivors Tell their Stories

Remember the Ladies: 100 Great American Women

Remember the Ladies: A Story about Abigail Adams

Remember the Lusitania

Richard Scarry's A Day at the Fire Station
Richard Scarry's A Day at the Police Station
Richard Scarry's Best First Book Ever
Richard Scarry's Best Storybook Ever
Richard Scarry's Best Word Book Ever
Richard Scarry's Busiest Fire Fighters Ever!
Richard Scarry's Busy, Busy Town
Richard Scarry's Cars and Trucks and Things that Go
Richard Scarry's Father Cat's Christmas Tree
Richard Scarry's What People Do All Day

R is for Rhyme: A Poetry Alphabet Book
Rivals for the Crown


River Boy: The story of Mark Twain

Roanoke The Lost Colony: An Unsolved Mystery from History

Rose and Riley
Rose and Riley Come and Go

Rose Blanche
Rose Plays Hide and Seek

Rose’s Journal: The Story of a girl in the Great Depression

Rosie the Riveter: Woman in the home front in World War II

Round the turkey: A grateful Thanksgiving

Russell and the Lost Treasure

Russell the Sheep






Sabuda and Reinhart Present: Castle

Sailing Home

Saint Francis of Assisi: A Life of Joy


Salamandastron (Audio)

Sam Collier and the Founding of Jamestown

Sam Katz on the loose

Sarah also known as Hannah
Sarah Plain and Tall
Saving Birds

Saving Strawberry Farm

Scaredy Squirrel

Scuttle’s Big Wish

Seadogs: An Epic Ocean Operetta
Sea Clocks: The Story of Longitude

Season of Promise: Elizabeth’s Jamestown Colony Diary

Sea Stars: Saltwater Poems:

Sea Story
Seeds of Hope: The Gold Rush Diary of Susanna Fairchild, California Territory 1849

See-Through Pirates

Septimus Heap: Flyte

Septimus Heap: Magyk

Septimus Heap: Magyk (Audio)

Servant to Abigail Adams: The Early American Adventures of Hannah Cooper

Set in Stone

Seurat and La Grand Jatte: Connecting the Dots

Shakespeare: His world and his world
Shakespeare's Scribe
Shakespeare's Spy

Shanghai Messenger

Sharks and other dangers of the deep

Sherlock Holmes and the Baker Street Irregulars: The fall of the Amazing Zalindas

Ship of Fire

Shipwrecked! The true adventures of a Japanese Boy

Shipwreck Search: Discovery of the H.L. Hunley

Silly Tilly’s Thanksgiving dinner

Sing, Nightingale, Sing

Sir Francis Drake: His Daring Deeds

Sir Walter Ralegh and the Quest for El Dorado

Six Days in October
Sixteen Miles to Spring

Skeleton Key

Skeleton Key (Audio)

Skin Deep

Skin Deep (Audio)

Sky Boys: How they built the Empire State Building
Sky Carver

Slinky Malinki

Slinky Malinki, Catflaps

Slinky Malinki, Open the Door

Small-Minded Giants

Smart Kids: Bug IQ

Smart Kids: Dino IQ
Smile Maisy

Sneakers the seside cat

Snow Treasure

Snowy’s Special Secret
So Far From Home: The Diary of Mary Driscoll and Irish Mill Girl

So few of me

Something out of nothing: Marie and Radium
Something's Fishy Hazel Green
Song and Dance Man

Sophie’s Castle

So You want to be an Explorer?

So you want to be an inventor

So you want to be President

Sparrow Jack

Sparrow’s in the Scullery (Audio)

Speaking Out: The Civil Rights Movement 1950-1964
Spring Fever: A Petal Tab Book
Spring is Here
Spring Story
St. Patrick’s Day

Stanley Goes Fishing

Stanley Goes for a Drive

Stanley Mows the Lawn

Stanley’s Wild Ride

Starting Life: Duck

Starting Life: Tree
Stella Fairy of the Forest
Stella Princess of the Sky
Stella Queen of the Snow
Stella Star of the Sea

Step-by-step crafts for fall


Suffragette: The Diary of Dottie Baxter, London 1909-1913

Summer is Summer

Summer of the war


Summer Story

Surrounded by the sea: Life on a New England Fishing Island
Survival of the Storm: The Dust Bowl Diary of Grace Edwards

Surviving Jamestown: The Adventures of young Sam Collier

Susan B. Anthony: Champion of Women’s Rights

Susan B. Anthony: Champion of Women’s Rights (Audio)

Susan B. Anthony: Fighter’s for Women’s Rights

Swallows in the Birdhouse

Swan Town
Sweet Dreams Maisy

Sylvia Long’s Mother Goose






Taggerung (Audio)

Take me to the Ball Game

Tales from the Box: Boolar's Big Day Out

Tales from Parc la Fontaine

Tales of Beatrix Potter (Audio)

Take Along guide: Seashells, Crabs, and sea stars

Tales from Shakespeare

Talkin’ About Bessie: The Story of Aviator Elizabeth Coleman

Tattered Sails

Tchaikovsky in America

Teddy Roosevelt: The People’s President
Teddy Roosevelt: Young Rough Rider

Ted saw an egg
Teeny Tiny Ernest

Ten Red Apples
That’s What Leprechauns do

The 19th Amendment
The 4th of July Story

The Absolutely Essential Eloise
The Adventures of Hector Fuller: Hector Afloat
The Adventures of Hector Fuller: Hector Finds a Fortune
The Adventures of Hector Fuller: Hector Springs Loose

The Adventures for Marco Polo

The Adventures of Vin Fiz

The Adventurous life of Myles Standish and the Amazing-but-true survival story of the Plymouth colony
The Alamo

The Amazing Impossible Erie Canal

The Amazing Love Story of Mr. Morf
The Amazing story of Adolphus Tips

The Amazing Mr. Franklin or the boy who read everything

The Animal Hedge

The Ballad of Lucy Whipple

The Ballad of Lucy Whipple (Audio)

The Barefoot book of Pirates

The Battle of Gettysburg
The Battle of Hastings
The Battle of the Alamo

The Best of Ancient Greece


The BFG (Audio)

The Big Book of Canada: Exploring the Provinces and Territories

The Birdwatchers

The Black Sphinx

The Blue and Green Ark: An Alphabet for Planet Earth

The Book of Story Beginnings
The Borrowers
The Borrowers Afield
The Borrowers Afloat
The Boston Tea Party
The Boy on Fairfield Street: How Ted Geisel Grew up to become Dr. Suess

The Boy who drew birds: A Story of John James Audubon

The Buried City of Pompeii

The Butterfly Garden

The Cable Car and the Dragon
The Callahan Cousins: Home Sweet Home

The Callahan Cousins: Summer Begins

The camp Kit: Tons of Cool Stuff for a Summer of Fun

The case of the Missing Marquess

The Cats of Krasinski Square

The Caterpillar
The Charlotte Years: Across the Puddingstone Dam
The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe
The city of Ember

The Civil War: An Illustrated History
The Cobble Street Cousins: A Little Shopping
The Cobble Street Cousins: In Aunt Lucy's Kitchen
The Cobble Street Cousins: Some Good News
The Cobble Street Cousins: Special Gifts
The Cobble Street Cousins: Summer Party
The Cobble Street Cousins: Wedding Flowers

The Cottage Tales of Beatrix Potter: The Tale Of Cuckoo Brow Wood
The Cottage Tales of Beatrix Potter: The Tale of Hill Top Farm
The Cottage Tales of Beatrix Potter: The Tale of Holly How

The Country Artist: A story About Beatrix Potter

 The Cranium Big Book of Outrageous Fun

The Crunching Munching Caterpillar

The Crunching Munching Caterpillar: A Pop-Up Story

The Crow girl
The Crystal Palace: The Diary of Lily Hicks, London 1850-1851
The Curse of King Tut's Tomb

The Daring Nellie Bly: American Star Reporter

The Death Collector

The Death Collector (Audio)

The Disaster of the Hindenburg: The Last Flight of the Greatest Airship ever built

The Dot
The Dragon of Lonely Island

The Dragon of Never-Was

The Dragon Snatcher

The Dragonology Handbook: A Practical Course in Dragons
The Dulcimer Boy

The Dust Bowl

The Earth Dragon Awakes
The Edge Chronicles: Beyond the Deepwoods

The Edge Chronicles: Clash of the Sky Galleons

The Edge Chronicles: Freeglader
The Edge Chronicles: Midnight over Sanctaphrax
The Edge Chronicles: The Curse of the Gloamglozer
The Edge Chronicles: The Last of the Sky Pirates
The Edge Chronicles: Stormchaser

The Edge Chronicles: Stormchaser (Audio)
The Edge Chronicles: The Winter Knights
The Edge Chronicles: Vox

The Edmund Fitzgerald: Song of the Bell

The Egg
The end of the beginning

The Eve of Revolution: The Colonial adventures of Benjamin Wilcox

The Ever-Living Tree: The Life and Times of a Coast Redwood

The Fantastic Mr. Wani

The Farewell symphony

The Feather-Bed Journey

The Fish Who could wish

The Flag with Fifty-Six Stars: A gift from the survivors of Mauthausen
The Friend

The Gaggle Sisters River Tour

The Gaggle Sisters Sing again

The Gardener

The Genius of Leonardo

The Gift of Nothing

The Global Garden
The Golden Egg

The Great American Mousical

The Great Chicago Fire of 1971

The Great Dragon Rescue

The Great Fire
The Great Railroad race: The Diary of Libby West

The Great Voyages of Zheng He

The Great Ships
The Greek News

The Halloween Kittens

The Heroic Symphony

The High Hills

The Hindenburg

The House at Pooh Corner

The House at Pooh Corner (Audio)

The House with a clock in its walls

The House with a clock in its walls (Audio)

The Hungry City Chronicles: Infernal Devices

The Incredible Journey of Lewis and Clark
The Journal of Brian Doyle: A Greenhorn on an Alaskan Whaling Ship
The Journal of C.J. Jackson: A Dust Bowl Migrant
The Journal of Finn Reardon: A Newsie in New York City, 1899

The Journal of James Edmond Pease: A Civil War Union Soldier, Virginia 1863
The Journal of Otto Peltonen: A Finnish Immigrant, Hibbing Minnesota 1905
The Journal of Patrick Seamus Flaherty: United States Marine Corps Khe Sanh, Vietnam, 1968
The Journal of Rufus Rowe: A witness to the Battle of Fredericksburg

The Journal of Scott Pendleton Collins: A World War II Soldier
The Journal of Sean Sullivan: A Transcontinental Railroad Worker
The Journal of Wong Ming-Chung: A Chinese Miner, California 1852

The Journey of the one and only Declaration of Independence

The Kindness Quilt

The Klondike Cat
The Klondike Kid: Book One - Sailing for Gold
The Klondike Kid: Book Three- Adventure in Gold Town
The Klondike Kid: Book Two - The Long Trail

The Knit-it-kit for kids
The Lady Cavendish Mysteries: Assassin
The Lady Grace Mysteries: Betrayal
The Lady Grace Mysteries: Conspiracy
The Lady Grace Mysteries: Deception
The Lady Grace Mysteries: Exile
The Lady Grace Mysteries: Feud

The Lady Grace Mysteries: Gold

The Lady Grace Mysteries: Haunted
The Land of Oz (Audio)

The Last Brother: A Civil War Tale

The Legend of the Teddy Bear

The Lewis and Clark Expedition

The Library Dragon
The Lighthouse Family: The Eagle
The Lighthouse Family: The Octopus
The Lighthouse Family: The Storm
The Lighthouse Family: The Turtle
The Lighthouse Family: The Whale

The Lighthouse Land

The Listening Walk

The Little Grey Men

The Loathsome Dragon
The Longitude Prize

The Long Winter

The Long Winter (Audio)

The Lost Treasure of Captain Kidd

The Lost Voyage of John Cabot: A Novel

The Magical garden of Claude Monet
The Magician's House: The Door in the Tree
The Magician's House: The Steps up the ChimneyThe Magic School Bus inside a hurricane

The Magic school Bus inside a hurricane
The Man who Made Time Travel

The Mariner’s Curse

The Mary Celeste: An Unsolved Mystery from History
The Marvelous Land of Oz

The Memory Cupboard: A Thanksgiving Story

The Midshipman Quinn Collection

The Mice of Bistrot des Sept Freres

The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

The Mistmantle Chronicles: Book One - Urchin of the Riding Stars

The Mistmantle Chronicles: Book Two - Urchin and the Heartstone

The Mole sisters and the Blue Egg

The Mole sisters and the busy bees

The Mole Sisters and the cool breeze

The Mole Sisters and the moonlit night

The Mole Sisters and the rainy day

The Monitor

The Most Perfect spot

The Moveable Mother Goose

The Orange Trees of Versailles

The Paradise Garden

The Perfect Thanksgiving

The Perfect Wizard: Hans Christian Andersen
The People in Pineapple Place

The People on my street

The Peterkins’ Thanksgiving

The Picture History of Great Explorers

The Picture History of Great Inventors

The Pilgrims and the First Thanksgiving

The Pink House at the seashore
The Polar Express

The President’s Daughter

The Pumpkin Fair
The Quarter Pie Window
The Queen's Pirates

The Quigleys

The Quigleys at large

The Quigleys in a spin

The Quigleys not for sale
The Quilt Makers journey
The Quit Makers Gift
The Relatives came

The Remarkable Life and times of Eliza Rose

The RCMP Musical Ride

The real Revolution: The global story of American Independence

The Reluctant Dragon

The remarkable Benjamin Franklin

The Road to Seneca Falls: A Story about Elizabeth Cady Stanton
The Ruby in the Smoke

The Salem Witch Trials

The Scarlet Stockings Spy

The Sea House

The Sea Monster

The sea serpent came to Gloucester

The sea, the storm, and the mangrove tangle

The Secret of Old Zeb

The Secret Staircase

The Sensational Baseball song: Take me out to the Ball game

The Seven Seas: Exploring the World Ocean

The Shadow of the North
The Shakespeare Stealer

The Signers: The 56 stories behind the Declaration of Independence
The Sign of The Scales

The Silver Chair

The Sinking of the Titanic
The Spiderwick Chronicles: Book Five - The Wrath of Mulgarath
The Spiderwick Chronicles: Book Four - The Ironwood Tree
The Spiderwick Chronicles: Book One - The Field Guide
The Spiderwick Chronicles: Book Three - Lucinda's Secret
The Spiderwick Chronicles: Book Two - The Seeing Stone
The Spiderwick Chronicles: Notebook for Fantastical Observations

The Spring Equinox: Celebrating the Greening of the Earth
The St. Patrick's Day Shillelagh

The Starving Time: Elizabeth’s Jamestown Colony Diary

The Statue of Liberty

The Story of Babar
The Story of the Easter Bunny

The Story of the H.L. Hunley and Queenie’s Coin

The Story of Thomas Alva Edison

The Strange Case of Baby H
The Sun, the Rain, and the Apple Seed: A Novel of Johnny Appleseed's Life

The Teddy Bear

The Tiger in the well

The Tiger in the well (Audio)
The Tinderbox

The Tin Forest

The Travels of Babar

The Trouble with Henry: A Tale of Walden Pond

The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle

The Truffle Hunter

The True Story of Stellina
The truth about sparrows

The Twits

The Twits (Audio)

The Valley of Secrets

The Valley of Secrets (Audio)
The Various

The Very First Thanksgiving Day

The Visual Dictionary of the Civil War
The war

The Warlord’s Alarm
The Warlord's Beads
The Warlord's Fish
The Warlord's Kites

The Warlord’s Messengers
The Warlord's Puppeteers
The Warlord's Puzzle

The Whole Green World

The Wild Girl

The Winter Dragon

The Witches

The Witches (Audio)

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (Audio)

The World of Eldaterra: The Dragon Conspiracy

The World of Pirates
The Yellow House

The Yellow Star: The Legend of King Christian X of Denmark

The Young Hans Christian Andersen

Thank You Sarah: The Woman who saved Thanksgiving

Thank you, Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is here

Thanksgiving is...

Thanksgiving Mice

These Happy Golden Years

These Happy golden Years (Audio)

This is Thanksgiving

Tales from the Box: The Countess's Calamity

Tiger of the Snows: Tenzing Norgay, the Boy whose dream was Everest


Theodore Roosevelt: Champion of the American Spirit
Theodore Roosevelt: The Adventurous President
This is Passover

This Little Piggy and other rhymes to sing and play

This place I know: Poems Of Comfort

Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson: A Picture Book Biography

Through Georgia’s Eyes

Through the Tempests dark and wild: A story of Mary Shelly, Creator of Frankenstein

Thunder at Gettysburg

T is for Teachers: A School Alphabet

Tick-Tock Sharks

Tom Crean’s Rabbit: A True Story from Scott’s Last Voyage

Tom swift Young Inventor: Into the Abyss

Too many pumpkins

Toot and Puddle
Toot and Puddle: A Present for Toot
Toot and Puddle: Charming Opal
Toot and Puddle: I'll be home for Christmas
Toot and Puddle: The New Friend
Toot and Puddle: Top of the World
Toot and Puddle: Wish you were here
Toot and Puddle: You are my Sunshine

Too, Too Hot
Trafalgar: James Grant, HMS Norseman 1799-1806

Trapped by the ice: Shackleton’s Amazing Antarctic Adventure

Travels of Thelonius: The Fog Mound


Tudley Didn’t Know

Turtle Bay
Turtle Spring
Tutankhamun's Tomb
Twentieth Century Girl: The Diary of Flora Bonnington, London 1899-1900
Twist and Ernest

Two Nice Mice




Ultra Hush-Hush: Espionage and Special Missions

Understanding Poetry: Puns, Allusions, and other word secrets

Under the Blood-Red Sun

Uno’s Garden

Up Above and Down Below





Valley Forge

Victoria Woodhull: First Woman Presidential Candidate


Vincent’s Colors


Volcanoes: Journey to the Crater’s Edge


Votes for Women: The story of Carrie Chapman Catt

Voyage on the Great Titanic: The Diary of Margaret Anne Brady, 1912





Walt Whitman: Words of America

Waltz of the scarecrows

Warm Sun, Soft Sand

Washington is Burning

Waterloo: Bob Jenkins Royal Horse Artillery 1814-1817
Welcome to Felicity's World: 1774 - Growing up in Colonial America
Welcome to Kirsten's World: 1854 - Growing up in Pioneer America
Welcome to Kit's World: 1934 – Growing up in
Welcome to Molly's World: 1944 - Growing up in World War Two America

Wemberly Worried

We the people: The Gettyburg Address
What a Year

What are you doing Sam?

What Elephant?
What-If Sara

What if you met a pirate?

What Mommies Do Best

What the sea left behind

What the sea saw

When Autumn Falls

When Willard met Babe Ruth
When Jessie came across the sea

When Mr. Jefferson Came to Philadelphia: What I Learned of Freedom, 1776

Where are you?

Where are you Peter Rabbit?
Where Butterflies Grow

Where’s the dragon?

Where’s Waldo: The Great Picture Hunt

Where the Action was: Women War Correspondents in World War II

While we were out

Whispers of War: The War of 1812 Diary of Susanna Merrit

Who lives here Peter Rabbit: a Lift-the-flap Book

Who’s there Spot?

Who was Johnny Appleseed

Why do you cry?

Why do leaves change color?
Wild Cherry's Secret

Will and Squill

William Blake: The Gates of Paradise

William Shakespeare and the Globe

William Shakespeare’s Tempest
Willow at Christmas
Willow by the Sea
Willow on the River
Willow Run

Wilky the White House cockroach

Wind Tamer
Winnie The Pooh

Winston Churchill: Britich Soldier, Writer, Statesman

Winter Story

With a Little help from Daddy
With Love From Maisy

Women’s Rights and Nothing Less: The Story of Elizabeth Cady Stanton
World’s Afire

Worry Bear





Xtraordinary Artists: Picasso





Yankees on the doorstep: Thetory of Sarah Morgan

Yesterday we had a hurricane


Young Bond: Book One - Silverfin

Young Bond: Book One - Silverfin (Audio)

Young Patriots: Inspiring Stories of the American Revolution

Young Thomas Edison

You're on Your Way, Teddy Roosevelt

Yum Yum Dim Sum


Zachary’s Ball

Zen Shorts

Zoe Sophia in New York: The Mystery of the Pink Phoenix Papers

Zoom at Sea



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