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Danger! Earthquakes
Seymour Simon
Ages 4 to 8
North-South Books, 2002, 1-58717-139-2
  There is no doubt that earthquakes are one of the most impressive and terrifying natural phenomena to be found on this planet. Despite all the advances that we have made in understanding the earth and the forces that shape it we still cannot tell with absolute certainty when an earthquake is going to hit and therefore we are usually unprepared when it does.
  In this excellent little book the author tells us what causes earthquakes, what force drives them and how we can see these forces as work. He also explains how we measure earthquakes and what the measurements mean in real terms. For example an earthquake that measures Level 5 on the Richter scale will break windows whereas one that measures 12 will destroy everything. The author makes excellent use of full color photographs to illustrate the point he is making and with a simple and yet interesting text this book would give a child a very good understanding of earthquakes, how they work, how they affect us, where they happen, and what to do when an earthquake occurs.
  This is one of the books in the highly recommended "SeeMore Readers" series.

Danger! Earthquakes


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