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Dan the Ant
Jennifer B. Gillis
Fiction (Series)
Ages 4 to 6
Barron’s Educational Series, 2006, 0-7641-3282-2
  Dan the ant is very sad because he has no snack to eat. Thankfully Dan is not the kind of ant to sit and feel sorry for himself. Instead he finds a garbage can which looks very promising and then he puts together a plan so that he can get into the can to see what might be inside. As it so happens Dan’s perseverance is rewarded and he is able to get himself a very sweet and tasty snack indeed.
  In this simple yet engaging story new readers will learn a number of words that have a short “a” sound in them. By using such words throughout the tale, children will come to recognize and feel familiar with the sound and with the words in which it appears. Clear illustrations will help young readers figure out what the more challenging words are through picture recognition.
  In addition to the story about Dan’s adventures, readers and their parents or teachers will find a “Fun Facts About Ants” section, a recipe, and a word list at the back of the book. There is also an introduction at the front of the book with offers suggestions on how a teacher or parent can use the book to help their child improve their reading skills in an enjoyable way.

  This is one of the volumes in the “Reader’s Clubhouse” series, a collection of books which is sure to become a firm favorite with children who are learning to read by themselves for the first time.

Dan the ant


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