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Creepy Crawlies
Hans Post
Illustrated by Irene Goede
Translated by Nancy Forest-Flier
Ages 6 to 9
Front Street, 2005, 1-932425-65-9
  Have you ever noticed how many insects and other “creepy crawlies” there are in the world around you? Have you noticed the birds in the trees; have you seen signs of a mole in the vegetable garden and did you know that there are 5,000 different kinds of ladybugs in the world? Well, we are going to take a journey with Lika, a pretty little house cat, and she is going to show us the world from her point of view. We are going to see what she finds in the kitchen garbage can, what she sees on the terrace and down by the pond. We are going to rest with her in an old shed and look at the bats, shrews, birds and beetles that live in there. We are going to explore the garden, the compost heap, and the birdhouse tree.
  You are going to be astonished at how many animals of all kinds live in these places that Lika is so fond of. Indeed every place is teeming with life. Among other things there are birds, rodents, beetles, moths, worms, grubs, and little fish. The list is a long one.
  In addition to showing us what Lika finds on her perambulations, the author carefully describes each and every creature shown in the illustrations. Young naturalists will be amazed to discover that toads sleep all winter long, and that worms are both males and females. Well written by a keen nature lover who knows his subject, this book is beautifully illustrated and packed with fascinating information and tit-bits of natural history.

Creepy Crawlies


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