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Crazy cars for crazy Kids
Mark David
Picture Book
Ages 4 to 7
Kane/Miller, 2006, 1-933605-05-7
  Have you ever gone on a vacation and wished that the fun could begin as soon as you got into the car instead of after a long and boring drive? Have you ever wished you could walk the dog from the comfort of your vehicle? If you have wished any of these things then this book is for you. On these pages you will find descriptions of cars which are creative and outlandish and which many of us would love to own.
  Imagine being able to park wherever you wanted to. If you owned a Park-O-Matic this would be a breeze. And if you are the kind of person who is often is in a rush and doesn’t take the time to make yourself breakfast before leaving home in the morning then the Chefrolet is for you. Not only does this vehicle cook a full breakfast, but it also runs on milk at the rate of ten gallons per one hundred miles.
  For each car the author includes a large illustration, a brief but amusing descriptive text, and an explanation of some of the vehicle’s unique features and optional extras. With illustrations somewhat reminiscent of those created by Dr. Seuss, this delightful picture book will entertain readers of all ages. Adults will appreciate the humor in the text while children will love the detailed and wonderfully “crazy” illustrations.


Crazy Cars for crazy kids


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