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Courage of the Blue Boy
Robert Neubecker
Picture Book
Ages 2 to 5
Tricycle Press, 2006, 1-58246-182-1
  A blue boy lives in a blue land with his blue calf Polly and he cannot help feeling that there “must be more than blue.” So the little boy travels through land after land looking for something else. He travels through a red land, a yellow land, an orange land, a pink land, and a purple land. In each land the boy is unhappy, knowing that somewhere there is something better.
 At last, after crossing a green ocean, the blue boy comes to a city which is beautiful. The place is multicolored, as are the people who live there. The blue boy loves this new place and settles in with Polly to have a happy life. Then the blue boy discovers something truly appalling – there is not a speck of blue in the whole city. Now what is the blue boy to do? Surely he could never be happy in a place that was completely blue-less?
  In this very special picture book children will discover that they may at times have to summon up courage if they want to make the world a better and happier place for themselves. They cannot rely on someone else to always fix things for them. Though the idea may be scary, the results will be more rewarding than they ever imagined was possible.
  With its powerful message and its delightfully colorful India ink illustrations, this picture book is a title adults will enjoy sharing with their children again and again.

Courage of the Blue Boy


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