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Christmas Cakes
Francesca Bosca
Illustrated by Giuliano Ferri
Translated by J. Alison James
Picture Book
Ages 4 to 7
North-South Books, 2003, 0-7358-1885-1
  In San Vitale they have a wonderful Christmas tradition. Every year Lucas and his father the baker bake special Christmas cakes for every person in the village. With Christmas "just around the corner" the father and son are very busy baking and decorating their delicious cakes.
  Then, at last, all the cakes are ready and boxed up. Out into the darkness Lucas and his father take their creations, placing one box outside every door in San Vitale. But in the morning, and to the horror of everyone, the creatures of San Vitale discover that someone has stolen every single one of their cakes.
  Determined to find out what happened to the cakes Lucas follows the footprints of the thief. What Lucas discovers is that there is one person in San Vitale who is not happy this Christmas. In fact there is someone who is horribly lonely. Clearly something has to be done to remedy the situation for no one should be alone at Christmas.
  Traditions are one of the wonderful things that we enjoy sharing at Christmastime. In this special tale a new tradition is created, one which makes San Vitale a truly wonderful place to be at Christmas - and not just because of their delicious cakes.
  Peopled with all kinds of creatures and illustrated in a unique folkloric style in soft natural tones, this is a charming picture book with a loving Christmas message.

Christmas Cakes


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