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Chicks with Sticks (Knitwise)

Elizabeth Lenhard

Fiction (Series)

Ages 12 and up

Penguin, 2007, 78-0-525-47838-6

  Scottie can hardly believe that she is now a bona fide high school senior. Next year she will leave home and go to college. How can this be happening just when she finally gets everything together? She has the best friends a girl could have, a wonderful boyfriend, her knitting, and her relationship with her parents isn’t that bad either. Does she really have to leave all this just when it is all going so well? It would appear that that is exactly what the world expects of her and she doesn’t like the idea at all. In fact she wishes that everything could just stay the way it is.

  Still the end of high school is months away. In the meantime there are so many other things to think about. For one thing Scottie has to choose a service project. Out of sheer desperation, and because she cannot make up her mind, Scottie chooses to become a Big Sib to a young teen who needs a little TLC. To Scottie’s surprise her times with her Little Sib are very enjoyable and rewarding.

  Then there is Amanda who needs support. Amanda is going through her debutant year and she hates all the deb classes that she is having to go to. Somehow she has to go through the ordeal while at the same time holding on to who she is on the inside. Amanda is also very worried about whether she is going to be able to get into the college of her choice.

  Meanwhile Tay is begin ripped apart by her parent’s problems, once again. Though they are divorced, the difficulties persist and Tay is a having a miserable time of it. The Chicks gather around her, doing their best to help their friend who tries so hard to be tough and self-reliant.

  Readers will have a delightful read as they share this whirlwind last school year with the Chick with Sticks. It is a time of great stress and worry, of emotional highs and lows, as Scottie, Tay, Amanda, and Bella try to figure out what they want to do ‘when they grow up.’ Ever “squashy” Scottie desperately clings to the memories of good times past, trying to avoid what lies ahead until it finally dawns on her that she cannot put off her future any longer. She realizes that moving forward does not mean that she has to let go of the friends and memories that she loves. She can take them with her.

 This book is the perfect conclusion to what has been a wonderful journey in the lives of four terrific girls. Once again readers will get to enjoy one more get-together with the Chicks before they move on the next stage in their lives. Once again we can dive into that tween world with its knitty vernacular, its IMing, cell phoning, and high emotional drama.

  For knitters there is an additional treat, four interesting knitting projects at the back of the book which they can try.



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