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Celebrate Thanksgiving with Turkey, Family and Counting Blessings
Deborah Heiligman
Non-Fiction (Series)
Ages 5 to 8
National Geographic, 2006, 0-7922-5928-9
  There can be no doubt that the first Thanksgiving celebration which took place in the fall of 1621 must have been a happy time for both the Pilgrims and their Native American guests. There was no pumpkin or apple pie, and there may not have been turkey to eat, but the people at that celebration had much to give thanks for.
  For many years after this, Thanksgiving was not widely celebrated. Then, in 1863 President Abraham Lincoln “declared a national day of Thanksgiving” and the holiday was born. Today Thanksgiving is a day when many people travel long distances to be with family; when we cook elaborate meals, and when we give thanks for the good things in our lives. Many of us also spend this day sharing our blessings with others. Some people work in shelters feeding the homeless, or go to a nursing home to serve a Thanksgiving meal to those who cannot be at home with family.
  Full of large and bright photographs this portrait of Thanksgiving not only tells the story of the first Thanksgiving but it also shows readers the traditions of the modern day celebration with its big meal, its parades, and its football games. At the back of the book the author has included further Thanksgiving facts, a Native American Thanksgiving Prayer and a timeline of this quintessential American holiday.
  This is one of the titles in the “Holidays Around the World” series.

Celebrate Thanksgiving


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