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Can You see What I see? The Night Before Christmas
Walter Wick
Picture Book
Ages 4 and up
Scholastic, 2005, 0-439-76927-2
  In this special and highly entertaining book children and their grown-ups can explore the wonderful words from the poem by Clement C. Moore in a new way. The author begins with the poem itself, in its entirety. Then he has created twelve photographic montages which reflect certain phrases in the poem such as "Down the Chimney," "Such a clatter," and "A Long Winter's Nap." Using toys, vintage ornaments, carefully built miniature sets, and much more, Walter Wick has created extraordinary scenes for the young reader to explore. On each page the reader is encouraged to try to find certain items. Of course children will find all kinds of surprises hidden in the photographs including themes, unexpected objects, and that ever elusive St. Nick.
  In the back of the book the author tells his readers how and why he created this book which is very similar to those ever popular "I Spy" titles. This is the fourth book in a series of "Can you see what I see?" books.

Can you see what I see Christmas


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