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Bran Hambric: The Farfield Curse

Kaleb Nation

Fiction (Series)

For ages 9 to 12

Sourcebooks, 2009, 1402218575

Most of us know who are parents are and where we come from. We have memories of our fifth birthday party, and what it was like to visit Grandma in the summer. Bran Hambric is not so lucky. He does not know anything about his parents, and he has no idea where he was born. All he does know is that when he was six he was found inside a sealed bank vault. He has no memory of what took place before that fateful day eight years ago.

Since then Bran has been living with the bank manager whose bank Bran appeared in under such extraordinary circumstances. Sewey Wilomas and his wife have not exactly been kind to Bran, but they have not been unkind either. Bran is fed adequately and he has clothes to wear. Sewey and Mabel don’t celebrate Bran’s birthday, and his bedroom is in the attic, but his life is not that bad, considering.

  Bran’s life has been chugging along in a very normal way until the day when someone, or something, burgles the Wilomas home. The next night Sewey and Bran sit up waiting to catch the burglar, and Sewey is convinced that gnomes are to blame. After Bran sees the so-called burglar, he is not so sure. What he saw on that dark night did not look anything like a gnome. Not only that but the burglar left a shred of paper behind, which appears to be linked to Bran’s past. Desperate to find out who he is, who his mother was, and where he came from, Bran looks for answers. What he finds changes his life forever.

  In this first book of what promises to be a very exciting series, the author takes his readers on a remarkable journey into a world where magical people often have to keep their gifts hidden, and where dangerous secrets lurk just beneath the surface.

  In this book wonderful characters, humorous situations, and high drama combine wonderfully to give readers a thoroughly enjoyable reading experience.


Bran Hambric and the Farfield Curse


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