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Bobbie Dazzler

Margaret Wild

Illustrated by Janine Dawson

Picture Book

Ages 3 to 6

Kane/Miller, 2007, 978-1-933605-46-3

  Bobbie the Red-Necked wallaby can jump, and hop, and do all kinds of things. There is one thing she cannot do however. Bobbie cannot do the splits and this bothers her very much. Even though her friends, Koala, Wombat, and Possum say “never mind” and do their best to comfort her, Bobbie does mind and she feels very down indeed every time she fails to do the splits.

  Then one day Bobbie decides that today is the day. Today she will do the splits. The amazing thing is that Bobbie tries and tries and she does indeed do the splits. Right there in front of her three admiring friends Bobbie does the splits perfectly. Of course she does get stuck but her friends are there to rescue her and Bobbie doesn’t mind. Best of all Bobbie’s three friends also manage to achieve what once seemed so impossible.

  This book is a wonderful celebration of the simple joys of achievement. All too often we say “I can’t!” when we should just keep trying. Thankfully Bobbie is the kind of wallaby who keeps at it and in the end she and her friends are successful.

  Charmingly expressive and often funny illustrations perfectly compliment the very simple text which even the youngest children will have no difficulty following and understanding

Bobbie Dazzler


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