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Blue-Footed Booby Dance
Bruno Hachler
Illustrated by Cinzia Ratto
Translated by J. Alison James
Picture Book
Ages 4 to 7
North-South Books, 2004, 0-7358-1947-5
  Bobby Booby wants to be a dancer and so he goes to the director of a concert hall to ask for a job on the stage. As soon as the director sees Bobby’s wonderful performance he knows that he has a winner before him. In no time Bobby and his “heavenly blue feet” are a stage sensation. The comical bird with his delightful dance brings in enormous crowds; he has an enormous number of autograph seeking fans, and all in all Bobby couldn’t be happier.
  But, as so often happens in the showbiz world, Bobby’s performance eventually begins to lose its freshness. The audience are ready for something new. Then one day someone in the audience makes an unkind comment about Bobby’s “bluuue feet” and Bobby becomes a figure of fun. Poor Bobby cannot take being laughed at and decides that his career as a dancer must come to an end. It is only the kind heart and wisdom of a little duck which in the end saves Bobby’s career and makes his lovely blue feet a fashion statement instead of something to laugh at.
  A wonderful story and a terrific little dancing rhyme combined with delightfully droll and colourful artwork makes this book a sheer pleasure to read. The author also adds a little information about real blue-footed boobies. He tells us home he came to write the book and explains how they came to have such a funny name.

Blue-footed booby dance


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