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Miss Spider’s Wedding
David Kirk
Picture Book
Ages 6 to 8
Scholastic/Callaway, 1995, 0-56866-3
  Holley is not exactly handsome in the traditional sense. He is also a little on the small side, but he is certainly a very kind and thoughtful spider and he is very well liked by the creatures who live in the neighborhood. When Holley meets Miss Spider for the first time, Miss Spider very quickly comes to like the shy awkward fellow who clearly admires her greatly.
  Unfortunately Miss Spider’s interfering, if well meaning friend May does not think Holley is good enough for Miss Spider. May goes out and finds a very handsome dashing “hunk” whom she thinks is just right for Miss Spider but they all quickly find out that Spiderus Reeves is good looking on the outside only. Inside he is vain, cold-hearted, and downright nasty.
  This perfect little love story has everything such a tale needs; a charming hero, a beautiful heroine and a dastardly villain. In amusing and interesting rhyming stanzas, the story of how Miss Spider came to be a bride unfolds and the ending is just what one would wish for a two spiders who are obviously meant to be together. Incredibly rich and bright oil paintings perfectly capture the villainy of Spiderus Reeve and the joy of Miss Spider’s wedding.

Miss Spider's Wedding


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