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Lola and Fred
Christoph Heuer
Wordless Picture Book
Ages 3 to 5
4N Publishing, 2006, 0-9741319-8-9
  Lola the turtle loves to watch the birds flying overhead. In fact she really wishes she could fly herself - she and her frog friend Fred. Being the kind of creatures that pursue their dreams, Lola and Fred set about trying to get themselves airborne.
  They begin with a rocket but that does not quite work out as planned. Nor do the wings or the catapult. A set of balloons works for a while but then that plan too takes a nosedive.
  Poor Lola becomes quite discouraged and then Fred gets an idea which not only works pretty well but which makes it possible for the unlikely pair to make a new friend.
  Young children will be thrilled to have a ‘real’ picture book which they will be able to enjoy without having to have a grown-up read it to them. Laugh-out-loud funny misadventures and an easy to follow story make this a winning book.
  This is a first of a series of books in which a new character is introduced at the end of each book.

Lola and Fred


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