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Sylvia Long's Mother Goose
Illustrated by Sylvia Long
Picture Book
Ages 2 to 5
Chronicle, 1999, 0-8118-2088-2
  Let us open the pages and go on a trip down lanes peopled with animals in cunning old-fashioned outfits. Though the thymes are familiar and untouched, the illustrations are full of suprises. The reader will find that the illustrator has put her own personal twist to these old, much beloved, rhymes. Instead of having poor Humpty Dumpty break open, Sylvia Long has the egg fall of the wall, crack and reveal a little duckling that was inside the egg. In "Hey Diddle Diddle" the cow, dressed in a tutu and ballet slippers, leaps gracefully over the moon and a spoonbill bird is the one who runs away with the dish - who just happens to be a turtle.
  In addition to many of the more familiar Mother Goose rhymes, Sylvia Long has added some of the less well knows rhymes to her beautifully illustrated collection. It is a treat to be able to enjoy these rhymes, to laugh at the funny things that happen to the characters in them, and to indulge in this wonderful literary legacy that belongs to us all.

Sylvia Long's Mother Goose


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