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Encylopedia Prehistorica: Dinosaurs
Robert Sabuda and Matthew Reinhart
Non-Fiction Pop-up Book
Ages 5 and up
Candlewick Press, 2005, 07636228-1
  Let us explore the time of the dinosaurs; let us see what these fabulous creatures and their world looked like; and let us learn about the extraordinary men and women who have studied these marvelous creatures and whose work has helped us see that dinosaurs were not the large, slow-witted creatures we once thought them to be.
  Instead they were social, thinking, and feeling animals. Many of them took care of their young, protecting them from predators and other dangers. From the great jaws of the infamous Tyrannosaurus Rex, to the frilled head armor of Triceratops, the authors of this book take us on a fascinating journey of discovery.
  This is not just a special and unique pop-up creation. Though the pop-ups are extraordinary and exciting to look at, the text is also very well researched and written. Among other things readers will discover when the dinosaurs lived, that there were two groups of dinosaurs, that many of them were clever and adaptable creatures, and they came in all shapes and sizes. They will also read about the extinction which wiped out the dinosaurs and how there are some relatives of the dinosaurs still living on earth today.
  With a large pop-up on every double page spread and many mini pop-ups enclosed inside smaller sub pages there is a great deal to see and read in this volume.
  Pop-up book collectors will find this book irresistible with its unique, collage type artwork and its often startling three dimensional pop-up figures.

Encylopedia Prehistorica


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