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Planting the Seed: A Guide to Gardening
Suzanne Winckler
Ages 12 and up
Lerner, 2002, 0-8225-0471-5
  For many of us planting a garden can be a very rewarding experience. It can be even more so when we have a good idea of what we are doing. Better still, with this book in hand, we can create an organic garden that will produce delicious food and that will not cause harm to our environment in the process.
  The author begins by explaining the whole process of growth, hardiness, soil, and location. She then goes on to talk all about what kinds of plants to put in your garden and what tools you will need to plant and take care of them. For many of us composting is something of a mystery but this is a state of affairs that is soon remedied by reading the section entitled “Hot Stuff: The Science of Composting.” Here you will learn how to make your soil rich and plant friendly.
  If you find that your garden is being eaten by some kind of pest fear not for the author has suggestions on what you can do to get rid of such creatures without having to use harmful chemicals to do so.
  From seed to harvested food - and even to a few recipes for the foods that you have grown – this is a guide which will take you through the entire process helping you to understand “the big picture” and to appreciate what a wonderful hobby gardening is. Plenty of illustrations, photos and diagrams can be found throughout and various sections at the back of the book provide the reader with further information, resources, and more.

Planting the seed


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