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If a Dolphin were a fish
Loran Wlodarski
Illustrated by Allen Klein
Non-Fiction Picture Book
Ages 4 to 7
Sylvan Dell, 2006, 0-9768823-2-9
  Delfina is a dolphin and sometimes she wonders “what it would be like to be other animals.” For example, if Delfina was a sea turtle she would lay lots of eggs on a beach. But, as Delfina is not, when it is time, she will give birth to her calf in the sea. If she were a manatee she would eat plants and if she were a pelican she would have feathers to keep her warm. Instead Delfina eats fish and other sea creatures and she has a layer of fat under her skin which keeps her warm.
  In this clever picture book children will discover important characteristics about dolphins but they will also learn interesting facts about other animals as well. Children will find the pictures of Delfina being a pelican, a turtle and an octopus amusing and they may find themselves imagining what it might be like to be one of these creatures for themselves. At the back of the book the author provides his readers with further facts about dolphins and their relatives.

If a Dolphin were a fish


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