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Michael Elsohn Ross
Illustrated by Gustav Moore
Ages 6 to 8
Lerner, 2002, 0-7613-1949-2
  Nature is full of cycles and in this book young readers will discover how the soil circle and the water cycle work. They will see that these are examples of nature’s ability to recycle dead trees and water and that nothing goes to waste. The author then leads his readers into a discussion of how we can also recycle what we use in our homes, work and schools. Not only can we take our cans, paper, and plastic to a recycling center but we can also recycle the scraps and leftovers from our kitchens and yards. All we need to do is to set up compost heaps into which we can throw our kitchen scraps, leaves from the yard, and grass clippings. These will all decompose to form a wonderful rich soil that we can use in our gardens.
  By introducing children to the idea of the cycles of nature, the author helps them to see that it is a natural thing for them too to be a part of a cycle. They see that they can give back some of what they take from the Earth and that the process can be fun and interesting.



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