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Ten Red Apples: A Bartholomew Bear Counting Book
Virginia Miller
Picture Book
Ages 2 to 5
Candlewick Press, 2002, 0-7636-1901-9
  Bartholomew bear has an apple tree in his garden which gives him great pleasure. As the pages turn we see how much this tree means to the little bear, and how it plays a part in his daily activities. He can climb it, swing from its branches, hide under its fallen leaves, hug it when it rains, and count its apples. Once the apples are counted and collected, Bartholomew can share an apple pie with the big bear in his life, George, and with his pet cat, Little Black Kitten. Each page features a side bar showing how many apples there are on the picture of the tree on that page. At the end, after the apples are picked and the bears are sitting under the tree eating apple pie, there are “zero (all gone)” apples on the tree.
  The gentle pace, simple story, and charming illustrations in this book, makes it a wonderful addition to any collection of books for young children. A child reader is drawn into the soft world of the little bear and can count the apples on each page without feeling as if he or she is looking at a counting book at all.
  This book is one of several written about Bartholomew, George, and Little Black Kitten.

Ten Red Apples


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