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The Amazing Love Story of Mr. Morf: An Astonishing Circus Romance
Carll Cneut
Picture Book
Ages 6 and up
Clarion, 2002, 0-618-33170
  It is not a myth that anyone can fell lonely. Even a successful and popular dog like Mr. Walter Morf discovers that he can feel the emptiness of loneliness. So, he decides to take a leave of absence from his job as high wire artist in the circus and goes off to look for a friend to share his life with him. Poor Mr. Morf soon finds that it is not going to be as easy as perhaps he thought it was to find a friend. A beautiful swallow is fond of him but has to leave for her yearly holiday; a mole loses its way trying to get to Mr. Morf; a cat announces that cats can never be friends with dogs because “we cats dislike dogs.”
  In many ways this is a rather sad story though the quirky and colorful illustrations add humor to it. It is with great relief that we find that there is a happy ending to the story after all and that Mr. Morf needn’t have gone so far to look for a friend after all. There is certainly a message in this tale: What you seek may not be as far away as you think. With highly original and delightful illustrations this book offers both a thoughtful story and plenty of visual entertainment.

The Amazing Love Story of Mr. Morf


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