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The Crunching Munching Caterpillar
Sheridan Cain
Illustrated by Jack Tickle
Picture Book
Ages 3 to 5
Tiger Tales, 2000, 1-58925-025-7
  Caterpillar is hungry; in fact he always seems to be hungry. He is busy eating away when various creatures visit him. First there is the bumble bee. Then there is a bird, and finally a butterfly stops by. Each of these wonderful animals has something in common. They can all fly and they all make the caterpillar wish that he too could fly. He is told that he is too big and heavy, that he had legs for walking and not wings for flying. Caterpillar wraps himself in a leaf and settles in for a long nap. He dreams that he is flying, that he is “as light as a feather, floating on the breeze.” When the warm sun finally wakens him butterfly gives a big stretch and discovers that something wonderful has happened to him.
  Cheerful brightly colored illustrations and the charm of the wishful caterpillar make this a delightful book to read out loud. We are reminded that we all have a little of the caterpillar in us and that we all can turn into beautiful butterflies.

The Crunching Munching caterpillar


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