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Dad Aren't you Glad?
Lynn Plourde
Illustrated by Amy Wummer
Picture Book
Ages 2 to 4
Penguin, 2005, 0-525-47362-9
  A little boy has decided that today is going to be his dad's "special day." Today he is going to do all the "Dad stuff" for a change. There is one slight problem to this wonderful gift, and that is that the little boy is rather small to do many of his dad's jobs. When he pours the milk into the cereal bowels more milk ends up on the table and on the floor than in the bowls. Then the little boy decides that he is going to take out the garbage and the result is a dreadful mess on the kitchen floor.
  Despite any number of messes and mishaps the little boy is determined to do everything for his dad including painting the walls of the house, giving his dad piggy back rides, cutting the grass, and shuffling the cards when they play "go Fish."
  Eventually the little boy accepts that just maybe he still has "some things to learn" but there is one thing that the little boy can do just as well as his daddy.
  This funny, sweet picture book with its message of the love that a little boy feels for his father is perfect for Father's day and all those other daddy days in the year.

Dad Aren't you glad


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