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Sing, Nightingale Sing
Francoise de Guibert
Illustrated by Chiaki Miyamoto
Music by Daniel Goyone
Non-Fiction Book with CD
Ages 5 to 9
Kane/Miller, 2006, 1-929132-98-0
  We are going to meet sixty different birds and not only are we going to be able to see what they look like and learn about their lives, but we are also going to be able to hear their lovely voices as well.
  We will begin in the garden where the Song Thrush warbles from the treetops looking for worms to eat and where the Nightingale sings its powerful song in the dusk. After sharing the lives and songs of twenty five garden birds we move onto the birds that live in the forest, near the pond, by the sea, and up in the mountains.
  For every bird species described we learn about their habits, what they like to eat, what they look like, and what their nests looks like. Beautifully executed illustrations in bold lines and bright colors will make field identification easy.
  Young bird enthusiasts will find this book and its accompanying CD to be a real treasure. It is very special to be able to hear the songs of the birds whose habits are so well described in the text. The song recordings are wonderfully clear and certainly long enough to allow the listener to get a real feel for the rhythms and sounds in the songs. Thirteen piano and bird song duets will help readers to see how truly musical these songs are and how inspirational they must be for musicians.


Sing Nightingale Sing


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